Consultation on Proposed Code of Practice: Self-Escorting of Abnormal Loads
The ABD submitted the following response to this consultation in February 2004.
Dear Sirs,
In principle, we support measures that enable police traffic patrols to be released from duties that could be carried out by appropriately trained civilians. We do, however, have a couple of points of concern about the proposals set out in the draft Code of Practice:
1. While we acknowledge that the established and experienced companies within the heavy haulage industry are probably quite capable of self-escorting in a safe and competent manner, there must be concern about possible corner cutting by less responsible operators, especially as the code of practice is only voluntary.
2. We are concerned about the proposed extension of powers to enable 'Level 2' escorting persons to direct traffic. How would drivers be made aware of their obligations to obey these people and how would they be recognisable? Have the security implications been considered, especially with increases in carjackings? We would prefer that, in situations where it is thought likely that general traffic might need to be controlled, police escorts should be provided, at least for those parts of the journey where such powers might be required. We are unhappy with an extension of powers to stop or control traffic, beyond those existing bodies authorised to do so, with which drivers are familiar.
I hope that the points raised above will be given due consideration in drawing up the final Code of Practice.
Yours faithfully,
Malcolm Heymer

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