"The Alliance of British Drivers" and "The Association of British Drivers" are operating names of "Pro-Motor Ltd", a not-for-profit company limited by Guarantee and registered in England under number 02945728.

("Pro-Motor" is simply the legal name of the ABD. The organization was originally going to call itself "Pro-Motor", but decided instead to adopt the name "The Association of British Drivers"; later becoming "The Alliance of British Drivers" after merging with the Driver's Alliance.)

Registered office: 4 King Square, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3YF

The Formal Objectives of the Association
According to Pro-Motor's Memorandum of Association the company has six "objectives". These are:
Make a donation to our fighting fundThe ABD is run entirely on a voluntary basis by its members.
All subscriptions and donations are used for campaigning.
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