Robert Bolt was, until 2010, the ABD's Local Co-ordinator for Hertfordshire, and remains active in the association.
“I've has been involved with transport since I drove Thames diesel lorries round Worcestershire farms collecting churns of milk in the late 1950s. I passed the IAM test in my Simca Aronde in 1959. For most of my working life I was with British Airways, much of that time with responsibility for keeping the operating plan feasible, a job where I could look at Teletext to see in real time how well my plan was working. Now retired I worked for five years with British Rail some of that time as part of the Vendor Unit which sold off many of BR's constituent parts.

A member of the ABD since 2000, my role as Hertfordshire Local Co-ordinator included membership of the HCC Local Transport Plan User Group and of St Albans Transport Forum where I put the motorists viewpoint to try to balance the anti-motorist views of many of the 'Green' organisations also represented on these groups.
Outside the ABD my main interest is a second home in the Cotentin Peninsular of France. Living in France gives me an insight into how transport might be organised in Britain if we were prepared to spend more money on it. A major difference I notice in my rural part of France is the number of grade separated junctions, even on quiet main roads. Lots of tunnels in town centres and overpasses/underpasses in the country. But even in France the curse of lower speed limits is striking, in the time I have been there the limits have been lowered on a number of local roads, but fortunately the local enforcement officers prefer vehicle activated signs telling you to slow down rather than cameras.”


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