Through radio commercials and online advertising, the government is encouraging drivers to "Act On CO2" — but don't worry, you don't need to.
The government is lying to you.
Climate change is an entirely natural process that has been going on for 4.5 billion years.
Mankind did not start it (we weren't even around for the first 4.4998 billion years), and mankind cannot change it.
The scaremongering about climate change provides a very convenient way for the government to persuade gullible people to pay more stealth taxes on rubbish collection, domestic electricity and gas, petrol, air flights, and a plethora of other stuff they've yet to tell us about.
These combined stealth taxes allow the government to massive increase taxation without anyone noticing. Don't believe us? Try and work out how much stealth tax you pay each year, and how much extra income tax that is equivalent to.
Below we tell you the truth behind government propaganda.
Why can't I buy an A-rated car?
The government wouldn't be able to take any VED from you if you bought one. The government is not always as stupid as it looks. When A-rated cars become available, expect the government to change the bands so that they immediately cease to be A-rated cars. It's a bit like the 'dangle a carrot in front of the donkey' principle.

If you missed the single most important TV programme of recent times, or if the government is planning to brainwash your children by forcing them to watch Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' lie, order this DVD now.
“Too many journalists and scientists have built their careers on the global-warming alarm. Certain newspapers have staked their reputation on it. The death of this theory will be painful and ugly. But it will die. Because it is wrong, wrong, wrong.”
Martin Durkin
Producer, TGGWS
Daily Telegraph
What is climate change?
Climate change is a natural process caused by a variety of 'forcings'.
Climate change has happened over billions of years since the Earth solidified.
Climate change is normal, abrupt climate change is normal. Today the amount of natural climate change we notice is well within natural limits, climate change has happened much faster and to greater extents many times in the past.
"Major changes in the earth's climate can take place in a very short time. Data from ice cores and ocean sediments suggest, for example, that 11,650 years ago the climate in Greenland switched from ice-age conditions to the current relatively warm conditions (a warming of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius on average) in only 40 years."
American Scientist

What causes climate change?
The visible causes depend on the timescale of the climate data being studied: What effects will climate change have?
The impact of climate change is that parts of the planet will get warmer at times, and parts will get cooler at times. This is normal. Extreme weather is more associated with global cooling than with global warming. It depends on the temperature gap between the parts of our planet nearer the poles and those nearer the equator, this difference decreases in times of natural global warming which are known as 'climate optima' as they are so beneficial.
The Earth's polar ice sheets or polar caps have disappeared and reappeared before more than once, The present polar caps appeared about 35 million years ago. Before that the last pair appeared about 290 million years ago. For long periods the planet is icy, and for long periods it isn't. Currently Antarctica is gaining ice mass at a rate of 27 billion tonnes per year, according to a scientific research paper by Joughin and Tulaczyk that was recently confirmed by an independent research team. There are seasonal melts and ice calving where a peninsula grows out over the warmer ocean. Naturally.
Climate change is unpredictable, as the Earth's climate involves a non-linear coupled chaotic ocean-atmosphere system. It cannot be micro-managed by politicians via taxation.
It's too late to make a difference, so why should I bother?
There is indeed no point in bothering, not least within the government's methods relating to carbon dioxide and taxation. Cars are often identified by public surveys as being responsible for climate change, but even if this was true (it isn't) the numbers don't add up. Cars are responsible for 16% of UK carbon dioxide emissions, which are 2% of total international emissions, and overall mankind is responsible for 3.4% of total annually cycled carbon dioxide (according to the IPCC). So cars are responsible for only 0.01% of emissions.
Taxing cars and aeroplane seats (plus the fuel for both) will just make mobility more expensive and swell government coffers. They are pointless otherwise. This is why environmental campaigning these days involves telling other people not to fly while flying to a different continent to sign copies of a book on the (myth of) man-made climate change, and why the tax on heating fuel (oil) is 5% while the tax on mobility fuel (petrol) is 300% yet buildings emit twice as much carbon dioxide as transport. It all makes perfect econonsense.
There's no point in me taking action, my little bit won't make a difference globally.
This is correct. If ALL carbon dioxide in the UK were to stop overnight, so no power stations, no mechanised transport using the internal combustion engine, no gas boilers heating homes and so on, with the consequent regression to a medieval lifestyle and millions of deaths, China's economic growth would make up the difference in 700 days (according to Tony Blair).
Doesn't tackling climate change mean making big sacrifices?
Yes - big, pointless and ineffective sacrifices. Our country would be the first lemming over the economic cliff, based purely on ecohype and junk science. Those who think our country ought to be making a stand on its own should remember that the previous generation of CND unilateralist marchers and protesters are now in government deciding on a replacement for the UK's nuclear defence capability.

Despite calling on drivers to adopt 'smarter driving techniques', the Department for Transport seems to be doing exactly the opposite when it comes to roads:
Clueless in Cyberspace
When the "Act on CO2" propaganda campaign was launched in March 2007, the government spent huge amounts of public money on TV commercials which invited people to search for "Act on CO2" online.
It was 3 months before they noticed that our "Act on CO2" page appeared as high as 6th place on both Google and Yahoo. Whereupon they immediately changed the commercials to give out the full URL of the government page. Can't have people discovering the truth can we?
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