A list of much-needed bypasses that have been baulked by a combination of :

In 1998, 90% of responses to a government consultation were in favour of roads, but the government decided that 75% of the responses were connected with 'local lobbying campaigns' and so decided to ignore them. As a result only 37 of 125 schemes were approved. Doubtless if 75% had been from the environmental lobby, the government would not have ignored them.

The list below includes new roads other than bypasses, improvements to existing roads, schemes that have been approved but are still awaiting construction, and roads that are obviously needed.

Information on this page has been gleaned from various sources at various times, some schemes may have undergone a name change, resulting in duplication. It is very difficult to keep this list up to date as some projects are run by the Highways Agency, whilst others are run by local councils; and the DfT do not provide a central source of data. Please advise the webmaster of any errors or updates.

Schemes are grouped by prefix (A1.., A2.., Motorways). Within each section schemes are listed in numerical order (A1, A10, A11, A100, etc, followed by any B roads). Un-numbered routes follow. Northern Ireland, with it's own set of A and M routes, appears in the last section.

Latest government update: 24 Oct 2010 — Transport Secretary gives the go-ahead to 24 New Schemes and announces over £600M of further funding
(This update is not yet integrated into this page)

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Numbered routes
Back to topA1 prefix routesStatusDate
A1 Bowerhouse – Spott Road dualling, ScotlandApproved2001
A1 Thistly Cross to Bowerhouse dualling, ScotlandApproved2001
A1 Howburn to Houndwood dualling, ScotlandApproved2001
A1 Berwick–Morpeth Dualling, Northumberland.
A1 Gateshead Western bypass improvement, Tyne & WearUnder reviewJuly 1998
A1 Willowburn–Denwick, Northumberland ApprovedJuly 98
A1(M) Ferrybridge–Hook Moor improvement, N/W YorksApproved
Work starts
July 98
A1(M) J6–8 widening, HertsUnder reviewJuly 98
A1(M) Redhouse–Ferrybridge improvement, N YorksUnder reviewJuly 98
A1(M) Stamford bypassCancelledNov 96
A1(M) Wetherby–Walshford improvement, N YorksApproved
Work starts
July 98
A1(M) J60..62 Crawler Lanes, Co DurhamApprovedMar 2001
A1 Notts/Lincs/Cambs
Replacement of 6 roundabouts between Peterborough & Blyth with flyovers or underpasses. £31M
ApprovedMar 2001
A10 Wadesmill bypassUnderwaySpring 2004
A10 Royston south-eastern bypass, HertsNeeded2001
A10 Broxbourne to M25, graded junctions, HertsNeeded2001
A11 Attleborough bypass, NorfolkUnder reviewJuly 98
A11 Fiveways – Thetford improvement, NorfolkUnder reviewJuly 98
A11 Roudham Heath – Attleborough, NorfolkUnderway2001
A12 widening, Colchester to M25Approved2003-07
A12 Wrentham bypass, SuffolkCancelledNov 96
A12 Yoxford bypassCancelledNov 96
A13 Lakeside – M25 widening, EssexUnder reviewJuly 98
A14 upgrade to motorway standard
  (M1/M6 junction – M11 – Felixstowe link, Northants/Cambs/Suffolk)
  This major freight route should have been built as a motorway in the first place!

  Cambridge News campaign
Under reviewJuly 98
A14 Rookery Crossroads, SuffolkApprovedJuly 98
A15 Lincoln Eastern Bypass. Approved in 2005. BBCOn hold2010-06
A16 Market Deeping bypass, Cambs/LincsApprovedNov 96
A16/A52 Boston bypass, Lincs
  Boston Bypass Pressure Group
A120 Braintree – Marks Tey dualling, Essex. Braintree Times.Cancelled2009
A128 Chipping Ongar bypass, EssexNeeded2002
A140 dualling, Suffolk, including numerous bypasses.
  A140 CampaignLong Stratton Bypass Petition
Locally funded.
To be reviewed.
A142 Fordham bypass, CambridgeshireApprovedDec 1999
A143 Ellingham & Broome bypass, NorfolfApprovedDec 1999
A158 Improvements, Lincs
  BBC — Partney Bypass Open
ApprovedDec 2000
A167 Chilton Bypass, DurhamApprovedDec 2000
A184 Boldon Bypass, TynesideProposedNov 2002
A1033 Hedon Road improvement, E YorksUnderway2002
A1073 Spalding to Eye improvements, Lincs/CambsApprovedDec 2000
A1237 York Ring Road (North & West Section) Dualling
  Anyone with any gumption would have built this as a dual carriageway in the first place.
  York City Council try to get York City FC to pay for it!
Back to topA2 prefix routesStatusDate
A2 Bean–Tolgate improvement, KentApprovedJuly 98
A2 Lydden – Dover improvement, KentUnder reviewJuly 98
A2 Tolgate – Cobham improvement, KentApprovedJuly 98
A2/A282 Dartford improvement, KentApprovedJuly 98
A21 (M25 – Hastings) Trunk Route
This should be treated as a single route which requires upgrading to dual carriageway along it's entire route, not piecemeal sections of dual carriageway with utterly inadequate narrow twisting single carriageway in between.
— A21 Tonbridge – Pembury dualling, KentOn Hold2010-06
— A21 Pembury – Lamberhurst dualling, KentCancelled1996
— A21 Lamberhurst bypass, KentConstruction scheduled2001
— A21 Lamberhurst – Hastings dualling, Kent/SussexNeeded2001
A24 (M25 – Worthing) Trunk Route
Upgrade all remaining single carriageway sections to dual carriageway.
Another example of the government treating one route as lots of little bits.
A27 South Coast (Southampton–Folkestone) Trunk Route, including:
— Arundel bypass, W.SussexCancelled2003-07
— Worthing & Lancing bypass, W.SussexCancelled2003-07
— Sotherham (Lewes) to Beddingham dualling, E.Sussex
    Highways Agency
Downgraded to single carriageway2004-03
— Selmeston bypass, E.SussexCancelled2003-07
— Wilmington bypass, E.SussexCancelled2003-07
— Polegate bypass, E.Sussex   Highways Agency Newsletter
   Actually only half of it is Underway. John Prescott cancelled the western part that would have included the Wilmington bypass mentioned above. Who in their right mind would build half a bypass?
— Pevensey–Bexhill improvement, East Sussex (replacing A259)Under reviewJuly 98
— Bexhill & Hastings bypass (to replace A259)
    Urgently needed, existing mostly single carriageway urban road is totally inadequate, even for local traffic.
On hold2010-06
— Guestling Thorn & Icklesham bypass (to replace A259)CancelledNov 96
— Winchelsea bypass, E.Sussex (to replace A259)CancelledNov 96
— Rye bypass, E.Sussex (to replace A259)CancelledNov 96
— New Romney bypass (to replace A259)CancelledNov 96
A205 Catford town centre improvement, LondonLocal?July 98
A249 Iwade–Queenborough improvement, Kent ApprovedJuly 98
Back to topA3 prefix routesStatusDate
A3 Hindhead improvement, Surrey, Hants; including a 1.7km tunnel.ApprovedMar 2001
A30 Bodmin – Indian Queens (Goss Moor) dualling, Cornwall
  Highways Agency   BBC News   Cornwall County Council PR
Public EnquiryJun 2003
A30 Blackwater – Carland Cross dualling, CornwallNeeded2001
A30/A303 Honiton – Marsh, and A35 Honiton eastern bypass, DevonUnder reviewJuly 98
See also A303 below.
A30 West Coker bypass, Somerset
 Cancelled by County Council in favour of traffic calming!
CancelledJun 2004
A30/A37 Yeovil bypass, SomersetNeeded2001
A31 Poole Link Road, DorsetLocal?July 98
A34 Congleton bypass, CheshireProposed2002
A34 Trent Vale bypass, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs
Using river valley to the west of Trent Vale
A34 Talke bypass, Staffs
Using route of dismantled railway from the A500 to the A5011 thence east to the A34.
A34 Chieveley/M4 (J13) improvement, BerksApprovedJuly 98
A35 Chideock – Morecombelake bypassCancelledNov 96
A36 Codford – Heytesbury improvement, WiltsLocal?July 98
A36 Salisbury bypassCancelledOct 97
A37 Bristol – Yeovil improvements, SomersetNeeded2001
A38/M1 junction Derbyshire. Underpass linking A38 North direct to M1 North. Needed1999
A38/A52 junction Derby. Flyover for A38.Needed1999
A38/A61 junction Derby. Improvements.Needed1999
A38 Derby ring road (NE), DerbysUnder reviewJuly 98
A38 Dobwalls bypass, CornwallApprovedMar 2001
A38 Saltash – Stoketon Cross improvement, Cornwall Under reviewJuly 98
A38 Selly Oak bypass, BirminghamApproved2006
A39 Walton & Ashcott bypass, Somerset    Walton Relief Road Action Group  
Promised for over 40 years. Top of County Council list in 2001, but turned down by the Government Office for the South West.
A39 Barnstaple western bypass, DevonApprovedDec 2000
A39 Bideford–Bude improvements, Devon/CornwallNeeded2000
A39 Camelford bypass, CornwallApprovedDec 2000
A303 (M3 to Exeter) Trunk Route
Why do they have to waste time and money on reviews, when it is patently obvious to anyone that all the remaining non-dual carriageway sections of the A303 require upgrading? This route must be treated as one, not lots of little sections with inconsistent decisions.   Beware of the speed camera on a short uphill stretch with an overtaking lane!
— Stonehenge, Wiltshire   Highways Agency announcementApprovedJuly 98
— Winterbourne Stoke bypassApprovedNov 96
— Wylye – Stockton Wood improvement, WiltsUnder reviewJuly 98
— Chicklade Bottom – Mere improvement, WiltsUnder reviewJuly 98
&mdash Sparkford – Marsh improvement, Somerset
Under reviewJuly 98
A325 Wrecclesham bypass, Farnham, Surrey  Wrecclesham Bypass Action Group  Requested2001
A350 Poole to M4 improvements, Wilts/Dorset
A350 Semington – Melksham diversion, WiltsUnderway2003/4
A354 Weymouth Relief Road, DorsetApprovedDec 2000
A356 Crewkerne & Misterton bypass, DorsetNeeded2000
A358 Taunton (M5) to Ilminster (A303) dualling, Somerset. BBCProposed2004
A377 Crediton bypass, DevonUnder review2000
A380 Kingskerswell bypass (Missing link in the route to Torbay)On hold2010-06
Back to topA4 prefix routesStatusDate
A4 Henlys/Waggoners Corner improvement, Hounslow, west London CancelledJuly 98
A40 Llandeilo bypass, Carmarthenshire. Press articleDelayed until2008
A41 Aston Clinton bypass, Bucks    Highways Agency Newsletter  UnderwayDue Aug 2003
A42 (M42 to M1) upgrade to MotorwayNeeded1995
The whole of this route should have been built as 3 lane motorway in the first place.
A43 Stamford – Oxford Trunk Route
— A43/A16 Stamford Relief Road, LincsLocal?July 98
— Geddington/Corby bypass, NorthantsApprovedDec 2002
— Moulton–Broughton improvement, NorthantsLocal?July 98
A45 Weedon, Flore & Upper Heyford bypass, NorthantsLocal?July 98
Locals have been campaigning for a bypass for 50 years!
House of Lords Select Committee (Sections 1878+, 1916+)
Contact: Paul Holdsworth, Flore Parish Council.
A45/A46 Tollbar End improvement, WarksUnder reviewJuly 98
A46 Newark (Fosse Way) – A606 junction near Widmerpool improvement, Notts.
  Highways Agency
ApprovedMar 2001
A46 flyover at M40 junction, WarksUnderway2009
A46 between M69 and M5 — Upgrade to MotorwayNeeded 
A47 Birmingham – Great Yarmouth Trunk Route
Another inconsistent mis-managed shambles with bits of dual carriageway having been added over decades, but many sections still single carriageway. It could be argued that the section from Birmingham to Leicester has been largely replaced by the M6/M69 but you have a problem when you get to Leicester — there is no bypass — you have to go through the city. The very fact that the Highways Agency have an anuual safety report on the A47 in East Anglia [pdf] is proof of their own failure.
— Leicester southern bypass (M69–A47)
  All eastbound traffic coming off the M69 is currently dumped into the city.
— Thorney bypass, Cambs    Campaign page     Highways Agency Info  
  Still waiting after 65 years!
— Tilney All Saints – King's Lynn duallingNeeded2002
— Hardwick roundabout flyover, King's LynnApproved2002
— King's Lynn – Swaffham dualling, inc Middleton & East Winch bypassCancelledNov 96
— Swaffham – Dereham dualling, inc Little Fransham bypass, NorfolkCancelledNov 96
— Blofield – North Burlingham dualling, Norfolk
  Highways Agency
Work due
Aug 2002
— Acle Straight dualling, Norfolk
  Norwich Evening News
CancelledJune 2006
A49 Hereford bypassCancelledJuly 98
A49/A51 Calveley – Tiverton bypassCancelledNov 96
A404 improvements, Bucks/Berks (several roundabouts need upgrading to flyovers)Needed2000
A406 North Circular Road, London
— Bounds Green–Green Lanes improvement, Enfield, London Local?July 98
— Golders Green Road junction improvement, LondonLocal?July 98
— A406/A1/A598 Regents Park Road junction improvement, Barnet, London Local?July 98
A415 dualling (A40–A34), OxfordshireNeeded2002
A415 Marcham bypass, Oxfordshire
Estimated construction start 2004. (Ought to be part of larger scheme above)
A419 Blunsdon bypass, Wiltshire   Highways AgencyUnderway2008/9
A420 Swindon–Oxford dualling, OxfordshireNeeded2002
A426 Rugby Western bypassApprovedDec 2000
A428 Norse Road Link, BedsCancelledJuly 98
A428 Caxton Common – HardwickUnder reviewJuly 98
A429 Barford bypass, WarksApprovedDec 2000
A435 Studley bypass, WarwickshireLocal?July 98
A452 Brownhills Bypass, WalsallProposed2006
A453 Bassett's Pole, Sutton Coldfield (A38) to Tamworth (A5) dualling, StaffsNeeded2000
A453 Clifton Lane improvement, Notts. Highways AgencyApprovedSept 2004
A453 Clifton–M1 improvement, NottsApprovedSept 2004
A456 Kidderminster, Blakedown & Hagley bypass, Worcs
The A456 is the Primary trunk route heading WSW from West Midlands conurbation, presently a chaotic mix of dual and single carriageway including narrow sections through Blakedown. Road requires complete dualling from Bewdley to Stourbridge. The section south and east of Kidderminster will also serve as part of the A449 Worcester–Wolverhampton route.
CancelledNov 1996
A487, A489 numerous improvements & bypasses, Wales
  See National Assembly for Wales : Welsh North–South Transport Links Study
ProposedMar 2001
— A470/A44 bypass, Rhayader, PowysRequestedMay 2002
— A470/A481/A483 Builth Wells bypass (orbital road), PowysRequestedMay 2002
— A483/A489 Newtown bypass, PowysRequestedMay 2002
A483 Pant/Llanymynech bypass, Shropshire
  Shropshire County Council Press Release
ApprovedAug 2001
B4009 Watlington bypass (single carriageway), Oxfordshire
  Narrow village streets totally unsuitable for traffic travelling to and from M40 Junction 6
Back to topA5 prefix routesStatusDate
A5 Dunstable eastern bypass, BedsUnder reviewJuly 98
A5 Towcester bypass, NorthantsNeeded2000
A51 Littleton bypass, CheshireCancelledNov 96
A52 Radcliffe-on-Trent bypass, NottsCancelledNov 96
A52 Grantham East–West bypass, LincsRequested2000
A53 Hodnet bypass, ShropshireApprovedDec 1999
A57/A628 Tintwistle–Mottram–Hollingworth bypass, Derbys/Gtr Manchester  GlossopSpur ApprovedApril 2003
A500 Basford/Hough/Shavington bypass, CheshireApproved
July 98
Feb 2000
A500 City Rd & Stoke Rd junction improvements, Stoke on Trent ApprovedJuly 98
A505 Dunstable northern bypass (A5–M1)Approved2003-07
A505 Baldock bypass, Herts
  Diary   Maps and Photos   Herts County Council
A507 Ridgmont bypass and Woburn Link, Beds  Website  ApprovedDec 1999
A509 Isham bypass, Northants. For info contact: flagaction (a) aol.comRequestedFeb 2003
A550 Deeside Park – A5117 improvement, CheshireUnder reviewJuly 98
A555 Manchester Airport West LinkApprovedJuly 2001
A555/A523 Poynton bypass, CheshireApprovedJuly 2001
A556(M) M6–M56 link
  Main route into Manchester from south via M6 — should have been built years ago!
Unapproved, then some pityful token effort proposed.
A564 Derby Southern bypassOpen1998
A570 Southport–M58 dualling, including Ormskirk bypass, LancashireLocal?July 98
A590 Cumbria
All non dual carriageway sections between the M6 and Barrow-in-Furness require upgrading. Including:
— High and Low Newton bypass  A590 NOW!     Message from Tim Collins, local MP   UnderwayJuly 2006
— Ulverston–Dalton bypassCancelledNov 96
A595 Parton–Lillyhall improvement, Whitehaven, CumbriaApprovedMar 2001
A5117 M56–A550 improvement, CheshireUnder reviewJuly 98
Back to topA6 prefix routesStatusDate
A6 Lancaster Western bypass
  Originally proposed in 1949
On hold2010-06
A6 Broughton bypass, LancsProposed2000
A6 Stockport / Hazel Grove bypass, Gtr Manchester ApprovedJuly 2001
A6 Bedford Western bypass A428 – A421 LinkApproved
Nov 1996
Dec 1999
A6 Disley & High Lane bypass, Cheshire/Gtr ManchesterCancelledNov 96
A6 Kegworth bypass, Leics
(To be included in M1 widening scheme)
A6 Loughborough Inner Relief Road, LeicsOn hold2010-06
A6 Kibworth bypass, LeicsCancelledNov 96
A63 Castle Street improvement, HullUnder reviewJuly 98
A63 Melton grade seperated junction, E.YorksApproved2002
A64 York–Scarborough duallingNeeded2005
A65 Coniston Cold bypassCancelledNov 96
A65 Gargrave bypass, N.YorksLocal?July 98
A65 Hellifield and Long Preston bypass, N.YorksLocal?July 98
A66 Dualling, Workington to M6J40, Cumbria. Times & Star Petition
Three sections already dualled. Incredibly, the western section was improved as recently as 2002, but was only built as single carriageway! The incompetence of road planners is staggering.
A66 Penrith to Scotch Corner dualling
Including: Kirkby Thore bypass  Kirkby Thore Traffic Steering Group 
Aug 2002
A68 Dalkeith Northern Bypass, Mid Lothian
Unfortunately this is only being built as a single carriageway.
A69 Haydon Bridge bypass, Northumberland
  Bypass Campaign: Telephone Eileen Charlton (01434) 684505, or Mike Jeffs
A69 Warwick Bridge bypass, CumbriaCancelledNov 96
A607 Rearsby bypass, LeicsApprovedDec 2000
A614 Middleton-on-the-Wolds bypass, East Yorks
  Single carriageway bypass needed around village with narrow streets.
A619 Chesterfield to M1 junction 30, Derbyshire
  A new dual carriageway to bypass communities along the existing A619.
  An appalling road barely worthy of B-road status.
A628 Dodworth bypass, BarnsleyOpen, but a pretty dismal effort with excessive silly little roundabouts and a 40mph speed limit.2006
A629 Skipton–Kildwick improvement, N.YorkshireCancelledJuly 98
A631 West Bawtry Road Improvement, RotherhamApprovedDec 2000
A650 Hard Ings Road improvement, YorksCancelledJuly 98
A650 Shipley Eastern bypassCancelledNov 96
A685 Kirkby Stephen bypassNeeded1999
A688 Wheatley Hill to Bowburn Link, DurhamApprovedDec 2000
A689 Sedgefield to Wynard Improvements, DurhamApprovedDec 2000
Back to topA7, A8, A9 prefix routes (Scotland)StatusDate
For A1/A6 prefix routes in Scotland see A1 prefix routes / A6 prefix routes
A71 Kilmarnock to Darvel dualling, East Ayrshire
Including bypasses for Hurlford, Galston, Newmilns, Greenholm, Darvel.
A77 Ayr bypass — duallingNeeded2005
A77 Maybole bypassNeeded2005
A77 Turnberry climbing laneApproved2001
A77 Girvan bypassNeeded2005
A701 Bilston bypass, Mid LothianProposed2003
A737 dualling, Howwood to A78 south west of Kilwinning, including Dalry bypassNeeded1999
A8 M8J6–M8J8 Upgrading to Motorway and addition of third laneApproved. Due2010
A82 Pulpit Rock — improvement and removal of traffic lights. BBCApproved2006
A82 Crianlarich bypass. BBCApproved2006
A83 Inveraray bypass, Argyll
  Single carriageway bypass to take through traffic (esp HGVs) away from tourist centre.
  Would also bypass a single track bridge controlled by traffic lights.
A85/A816 Oban Development Road, Argyll. Argyll & Bute councilProposed2006
A830 Arisaig to Kinsadel (Morar), Highland. ImprovementsApproved2001
A8000 from M8/M9 to the Forth Bridge — dualling
Previously cancelled by Labour in 1997
A9 Perth–Inverness dualling
At present this 100 mile primary north-south route consists of a few sections of dual carriageway linked by many sections of single carriageway. A consistent approach is needed. In places a corridor has been cleared to allow for widening but no construction work is planned. Mile-long queues can build up behind lorries and other slow moving vehicles. Some short sections are being widened a bit by adding an overtaking lane; this is a complete waste of money when the road needs dualling properly.
  BBC — Businesses voice road frustration
  The Scotsman — A9
  ABD PR 558 — We'll Take The High Road
A9 North Kessock, Graded junctionApproved2001
A90 Aberdeen bypass ('Western Peripheral Road')
  Official Site   BBC — Deal reached on route
Completion due
A90 Glamis, Angus. Graded junctionApproved2001
A90 Glendoick. Graded junctionApproved2001
A90 Kinfauns. Graded junctionApproved2001
A90 Kirriemuir, Angus. Graded junctionApproved2001
A92 Arbroath–Dundee dualling, Angus.  Angus Council UnderwayDue 2006
A95 Gaich – Craggan, Re-alignmentApproved2001
A96 Keith bypass, GrampianCancelledMay 97
A96 Elgin bypass, Grampian??
A96 Fochabers and Mosstodloch Bypass, MorayApproved2001
A96 Newtongarry, Grampian. Realignment & climbing laneApproved2001
A96 Coachford. Realignment & climbing laneApproved2001
A96 Nairn bypass, Highland??
 Scottish Executive Press Release on roads 27th March 2001  
Back to topMotorwaysStatusDate
M1 J6A–10 widening, HertsOpen2010
M1 J10–14 widening in Beds and Bucks Underway2010
M1 J21A–28 widening in East MidlandsUnderway2010
M1 J31–32 widening at Rotherham, South YorksUnder reviewJuly 98
M1 J40A – M62 J27B new 3 mile link road to reduce congestion at M1/M62 junction and save 7 mile journey.Needed2004
M4 Newport Southern Relief Road   BBCProposedDec 2004
M4 J4B–8/9 widening in Bucks and BerksUnder reviewJuly 98
M5 J17–21 widening in Gloucs and SomersetCancelledJuly 98
M6 J0 / M1 J19 / A14 junction improvements, Leics
This junction of three major routes is a joke, and was obviously done on the cheap. It consists of two tiny roundabouts joined by a three lane road under the M1 that used to be a B road. A full interchange is required.
Read the government study. We'd sum it up as "Why didn't you do the job properly is the first place?"
M6 J11A–19 widening, Staffs/CheshireUnder reviewJuly 98
Preliminary bridge work already carried out. Now they're reviewing it !
M11 J4 improvements, LondonNeeded2001
M11 J5 north facing slip road improvement, EssexCancelledJuly 98
M11 J8–9 widening
Should have been built with three lanes in the first place!
CancelledJuly 98
M11 J14 improvement, CambsUnder reviewJuly 98
M11 extension north to Humber BridgeNeeded 
M23 J8–9 widening, SurreyCancelledJuly 98
M25 J2 (A2) — upgrade existing roundabout to full interchangeNeeded2000
M25 J12–15 (M3–M4) widening  Highways Agency info  ApprovedJuly 98
M25 J15–16 (M4–M40) widening to 5 lanesCancelledJuly 98
M25 J16–19 widening, Herts and BucksCancelledJuly 98
M40 J4 improvements, Bucks
The M40 needs widening to three lanes beneath Junction 4, and a full interchange with the A404 south is required.
M40 southbound from J6, add Crawler lane where road climbs over Chilterns
What fool decided to build one of the steepest inclines on any motorway without a crawler lane?
M40 J9 improvements, Oxfordshire
Link road between M40 southbound and A34 southbound, or A34 flyover, to stop traffic queuing back onto M40.
M42 J3A–7 widening, W.MidsUnder reviewJuly 98
M54 extensions east to M6 northbound and M6 Toll, Staffs. Highways Agency PR
Another job that wasn't done properly in the first place.
ApprovedMay 2006
M60 J5–8 widening (formerly M63 J6–9), ManchesterApprovedJuly 98
M62 East – M606 link road, West YorkshireUnder reviewJuly 98
M62 J6 (M57) improvement, MerseysideApprovedMar 2001
M62 J12–18 improvement, Gtr ManchesterUnderway2002
M74 extension westwards to M8 near Kingston Bridge.  Official Site  
The slip roads for this route were built 35 years ago!
M80 — connect M80 Jn 3 to Jn 4, and link in the M73Needed1999
M876 extension across River Forth to bypass Kincardine
Construction of new bridge began June 2006 BBC. Due to open 2008.
Kincardine southern bypass open.
Back to topUn-numbered routesStatusDate
Ambleside bypass, Cumbria    Ambleside Relief Road Campaign  Requested?
Bristol & Bath southern motorway – M5–M4 linkNeeded 
Malvern – M5 link road, WorcsRequested2002
Mersey Gateway Bridge, HaltonOn hold2010-06
Inverness southern bypass — A82–A9–A96 link ('Inverness Trunk Road Link')Postponed2008
Poole Harbour crossing, DorsetLocal?July 98
West Midlands conurbation — Western Orbital Route (Mway)CancelledNov 96
Wrexham Industrial Estate Link Road.   PR
By area this is one of the largest industrial estates in Europe, yet the access roads are little more than country lanes making it impossible for lorries to pass one another.
Start postponed to 20092004
Proposed Outer London Orbital (Mway)NeededMay 2001
Back to topNorthern IrelandStatusDate
A1 dualling north of NewryProposed2002
A2/A37 Limavady bypass (single). Roads Service pagePart Open2003
A29 Cookstown (on the Coleraine – Dungannon route)Proposed2002
A4 Augher and Clogher (on the Belfast – Enniskillen route)Proposed2002
A5 Newtownstewart bypass (single). Roads Service pageUnderway2002
A5 Omagh bypassProposed2002
A5 Strabane bypass (single). Roads Service pageUnderway2003
A6/M22 Toome bypass (dual).Underway2004
A6 Dungiven bypassProposed2002
A8 dualling north of Belfast part of the way to LarneUnderway2004
M1 widening Black's Road to Stockman's Lane. Roads Service pagePlanned2003

Key to Status :
Requested — Requested by residents, but not even seriously considered by the authorities.
Local? — Removed from national roads scheme, but may be built by local authority.
DBFO — Design Build Finance Operate scheme.

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