Carbon Dioxide Facts
Chemical Formula:

Consists of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms:

A colourless, odourless gas, harmless in normal concentrations, becomes toxic at concentrations of more than about 5%.
1.5 times as dense as air.
It has the unusual property of having its boiling point lower than its melting point, leading to the phenomenom of 'dry ice'.
Boiling point: -78.5C
Melting point: -55.6C
Occurs naturally in the atmosphere at concentrations of about 0.0379% or 379 parts per million. Annual variation of about 5 ppm due to seasonal plant growth.
Exhaled by all animals. Produced by the combustion, or oxidation, of materials containing carbon, such as coal, wood, oil, or foods; by fermentation of sugars; and by decomposition of carbonates under the influence of heat or acids.
Essential for plant growth as it is absorbed by green plants during photosynthesis, the carbon being converted to plant mass, and the oxygen released back into the atmosphere.

Uses of Carbon dioxide include (black) fire extinguishers suitable for most fires. It is also a constituent of medical gases as it promotes exhalation. It is used in carbonated drinks. Large quantities of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) are used in processes requiring large scale refrigeration.
Wikipedia:Carbon Dioxide
Over the last 5 years a significant body of scientific research has concluded that atmospheric carbon dioxide is not the climate criminal it is made out to be by self-proclaimed 'environmentalist' groups and opportunist politicians.
Below is a summary of this research evidence, with links to a review of each, demonstrating clearly that hysterical demands for carbon dioxide emissions reductions — together with the fuel duty hikes and climate change levy introduced supposedly to further these demands — are an environmentally pointless 'King Canute' exercise designed purely to restrict individual mobility, and exercise corporate energy control, through extortionate levels of taxation.
† Reference: Caillon, N., Severinghaus, J.P., Jouzel, J., Barnola, J.-M., Kang, J. and Lipenkov, V.Y. 2003. Timing of atmospheric CO₂ and Antarctic temperature changes across Termination III. Science 299: 1728-1731 (2003).
Acknowledgements: CSCDGC; EMA


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