Intelligent Speed Adaption is the misnomer the government has given to its plan to control the speed of road vehicles remotely by satelitte. It means the driver will no longer be able to decide what speed to drive at. A computer controlled by the government will decide.
Hence the ABD has re-christened it Ignorant Speed Adaption, for all intelligent decision making will be taken out of the process.
You will do what the state says.
The state is always right.
Your opinion is irrelevant.
Welcome then, to Soviet Britain.
Drivers, fed up of the stupidly slow speeds they are forced to drive at, will simply keep their foot to the floor. They will stop paying attention to the road conditions and intelligently adapting their speed to suit changing road conditions such as fog, rain, ice, snow, bends, junctions, hedges, trees, hills, cyclists, pedestrians, children, horses, digs, rabbits, ducks, pheasants, debris on the road, diesel spills.
In order to keep their average speed up, drivers will start taking risks on bends, at roundabouts, junctions, anywhere where they can avoid slowing down in order to save time. They will stop slowing down when passing horses and cyclists, all courtesy will go out of the window.
Accidents caused by inattention (and that's most accidents) will go through the roof, because ISA discourages drivers from paying attention to the road.
It is a recipe for disaster backed by a control-freak government that has totally lost the plot about road safety.
How the dim-witted government think it will work
In Sweden they have tested the idea of allowing 'coasting', so that if you enter an area with a limit lower than the speed you are travelling, the car won't brake, but you won't be able to accelerate. The potential conflict between vehicles entering the zone, and vehicles in the zone who can't accelerate is obvious. The stupidy of this idea beggars belief.
They also plan to have speed limits transmitted by roadside boxes. No prizes for guessing how long those will last.

Why it won't work


These are the people and organizations backing Ignorant Speed Adaptation:


Nein Danke
In 2001, the German government rejected ISA on three counts: Links

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