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2008 Nov 12
Another Speed Camera Crash
Did this speed camera on the A452 Chester Road in Erdington cause the accident that resulted in an 18 year old driver being killed?
The yellow speed camera situated on the central reservation can just be seen beyond the police notice.
The van he was driving collided with a tree on the other side of the dual carriageway at 05:10 one morning, flowers can be seen attached to a tree in this photo. No other vehicles were involved. This is a straight stretch of dual carriageway alongside a park. What could have caused the driver to loose control so disastrously?
2007 Nov 18

2006 Oct 6
Tyburn Road Bus Lane Consultation
Birmingham City Council have a consultation on the Tyburn Road bus lanes, most of which have been suspended for several years. Please have your say and help get these pointless lanes scrapped for good. The consultation period ends on 14th October 2006.

2006 May 28
Car Share Lane, B7

A47 Heartlands Parkway
Birmingham City Council are proposing to destroy the benefits provided by the A47 Heartlands Spine Road by effectively turning it into a single track road with no passing places. They want to install a car-share lane between Spitfire Island and the Middle Ring Road (Fort Parkway, Heartlands Parkway and Nechells Parkway).
The road is a recently built dual carriageway linking the A452 with the middle ring road, and currently provides an alternative route into the city to the Aston Expressway, Lichfield Road, and Washwood Heath Road. It is generally free flowing.
It is proposed to enforce the lane from 07:00 to 10:00 on the inbound carriageway.
Exhibitions are taking place at various locations during June. Objections to this nonsensical waste of public money should be submitted before 28th July 2006. There is a brief form on the council website to give your opinion. If you live in Birmingham please also write to your local councillor.

SPECS cameras have appeared on the M6 between Coventry and Birmingham. They are being used to enforce an absurd 40mph speed limit during seven month roadworks. Only one lane is closed in each direction, and workers are protected by metal barriers. The imposition of such low speed limits is totally unjustified and has clearly only been done to raise money from the cameras. 40mph is appropriate for urban main roads where countless hazards such as junctions, cyclists and pedestrians may be encountered. To impose such a limit on a motorway because one lane is closed just makes a mockery of speed limits.
Eastbound the first set of cameras occur just before the M6 and M6 Toll merge. On the M6 Toll two cameras cover three lanes, which mean one lane isn't covered, we haven't figured out which lane yet.
“The wrong managers”
“I am a RPU (not Traffic) sergeant in West Midlands. Every day I see appallingly bad driving and poorly maintained vehicles. The consequences of these is deaths on the roads. Last October, for example, we had 4 fatal and 2 very serious injury accidents. This was akin to 4 murder investigations being run simultaneously by one sergeant and 8 constables.
I believe there are three reasons for the state we are in. The first is the low priority given at both national and local level, to all traffic policing matters. I know ACPO now accepts this, but things have gone too far to be fixed in a hurry and a few words in the National Policing Plan. We do not enforce traffic legislation. BCU commanders concentrate resources on national targets set by the Government. There is only one “traffic” key performance indicator: reducing fatal and serious injury accidents.
Secondly, the public has become alienated from the police. The public supported “traffic cops” even if they were wary, because they could see the value of our work. Speed cameras have made the police the enemy of the motorist, even if we have nothing to do with them. They are seen as the police making money.
My third reason is the current standard of police driving. Most Panda drivers have only a one-day test involving 2 hours driving, in place of the old 4 weeks course. Yet the public expects a Panda driver to be a first class driver, and have the best and most powerful cars on the roads.”

Un-named police officer writing in
POLICE [pdf 463k]
(The newspaper of the Police Federation)
March 2004
Bus Boss has tantrum over bus lanes
The boss of TWM buses has had a tantrum over the Tyburn Road bus lanes. The city council suspended the bus lanes for the duration of the roadworks on the M6 after intolerable queues built up. Phil Bateman, boss of TWM, who clearly thinks that his company should be provided with it's own personal roads funded by ratepayers, is now trying to blame the council after a report revealed that 40% of buses arrive late. The fact that 98% of the city's buses don't use the Tyburn Road seems to have escaped him.
City Parking Policy Turns Retired Businessman Into Vandal
Birmingham City Council's anti-parking policies ignited the territorial instincts of a retired businessman living in a quiet Sutton Coldfield road. Ian Phillips of Mulroy Road vandalized 34 parked cars which he claims were causing a danger. His victims included people visiting elderly relatives at a residential care home. Phillips was arrested after a police surveillance operation caught him red handed. A court ordered him to do 180 hours community service and pay over than £15,600 compensation.
The 'problem', in Mr Phillips eyes, began after Birmingham City Council imposed parking restrictions on another road, forcing drivers to find somewhere else to park — 'his' road.
Birmingham City Council have an ongoing clandestine policy of introducing creeping parking restrictions. The city council deliberately refuses to grant planning permission for new or improved car parking, and even closes some existing pay and display car parks. Drivers then have to park on nearby roads. When naive residents complain, the council gleefully imposes restrictions claiming they are doing so in response to public pressure. This then forces drivers to park in the next road, whose residents complain, etc. etc.

Driver mugged every 12 minutes in M42 roadworks
Speed Cameras set up in a 50mph limit in roadworks on the M42 east of Birmingham have been mugging a driver of £60 every 12 minutes. That could add up to over £36 million per year! Drivers are becoming increasingly angry at unreasonably low speed limits imposed on motorways, especially when there are no workers about. When the speed limit on rural single carriageway roads is 60mph, it is absurd to have a lower limit on motorways unless there is specific danger to workers.
Bus Lane Bungling

A driver discovered that the traffic order relating to the absurd bus lanes on the A38 Tyburn Road expired in February 2001. A new order was brought in on Saturday 18th October 2003.
A driver prosecuted for using the unnecessary and obstructive bus lanes on the A38 Tyburn Road had his fine quashed after he discovered bungling idiots at the city council had not renewed the bus lane regulation when it's experimental status ran out in February 2001.
Hundreds of other drivers who have been illegally prosecuted for using a bus lane that didn't legally exist were able to claim their money back.
Evening Mail — Payback time for city's drivers   2003-06-13
Birmingham City Council confirmed that the bus lane order pertaining to the bus lanes between Stoneyhurst Road (MAP) and Chester Road (that's all the Tyburn Road except for the section between Salford Circus/A38(M) and the entrance to Gravelly Industrial Estate) had expired. A new order was advertised on 23rd June and ran to 14th July. Notices about this order were fixed to some lamp-posts along the road, most of them facing away from the traffic, all were A4 size (so you couldn't possibly see what they were whilst driving past), and there is nowhere to easily stop to get out and read them.
The city council pig-headedly refused to suspend the bus lanes whilst the mess was sorted out, even though they were well aware they are illegal.
In typical arrogant council fashion, all objections to the bus lanes were summarily dismissed without explanation.
A new traffic order making the bus lanes legal was brought in on Saturday 18th October.
Know Thine Enemy
Rattling his sabre against the drivers of Birmingham is Councillor John Tyrrell, who unlike his namesake of Formula 1 fame, clearly hates cars. He was the city council 'cabinet member' for 'Transportation, Street Services and Sustainability'.
John Tyrrell looks like becoming to Birmingham's drivers what Ken Livingstone is to London's. He has publicly refered to cars as weapons of mass destruction, and used the phrase reclaim the streets (born of anarchist groups) whilst claiming not to be "anti-car" — just like Prescott and Livingstone.
John Tyrrell is a Labour councillor for Sandwell Ward.
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