The government is proposing to build a new toll motorway between Birmingham and Manchester.
The new road will consist of two lanes in each direction and will for the most part run alongside the existing M6. It will connect with the existing M6 Toll north of Birmingham.
The ABD opposes all toll roads. Drivers already pay over £46 Billion in taxes to the government each year, yet only £6 Billion of this is spent on roads. There is no justification whatsoever for road tolls. The government wants them to extort yet more money from drivers, and so they can impose total police-state surveillance on everyone.
The ABD fully supports improvements to the motorway and trunk road network.
In 2004, the Department for Transport had a consulation on the proposal.
Of the 9528 responses received, 4864 were against the Expressway and 4363 were opposed to both it and widening of the existing motorway. Only 106 supported the toll road. The DfT intentionally don't say how many people opposed the toll but not the motorway.
The National Alliance Against Tolls (NAAT) have issued this Press Release:
Mersey Tunnel Users have now banded together with campaigners in Scotland, Wales and England to form a National Alliance Against Tolls (NAAT).
A spokesman for the NAAT said:
"We will be campaigning against this extension of tolling on the M6. There should not be turnpikes in the 21st Century because they form a regressive tax that falls on drivers regardless of their income.
Tolls are also highly unfair because they depend on the lottery of where you live and not on the ability to pay.
The Government is also due to announce later this year its decision on the new Runcorn bridge across the Mersey. That decision was due last December but was postponed. It now begs the question whether that and the two existing motorway crossings in the area between Liverpool and Manchester will be tolled.
When tolls are introduced it used to be claimed that they would only be short term and that when construction cost was recovered then tolls would go. The reality is that tolls are now just another tax. They also hinder the economies in the area immediately around the toll roads, and cause some drivers to make inferior choice of route which will increase fuel consumption and add to congestion on non toll roads. This M6 toll road will further increase the North South divide by placing a toll barrier across a main route to the North West and Scotland.
Road users pay £44 billion a year in taxes and only £6 billion of this is spent on roads. With 31 million vehicles, this is about £1,400 per vehicle in taxes and only £200 on roads spending. Road users don't want a situation like in France, where a lot of the time the toll road is almost empty, while the non toll road is congested. Toll barriers themselves generate costs both in their operation and in the queues that form. We will be campaigning for all road users to oppose the introduction or extension of out-dated tolls."

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