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A hidey hole for TVP* photographed in 2003, a bus stop on the Reading / West Berks border where they are hidden from approaching traffic by the bend until it's too late. (*Totally Vindictive Prosecutions)

Talivan  OU03 UZF  parked in a highly dubious position on the A329 in the centre of Reading in July 2003, obscuring chevron markers which have clearly been placed there for safety reasons.

A4 Bath Road heading out of Reading looking west towards the Mill Lane junction in 2003. The van is parked near to the studios of 2-TEN FM just east of Calcot near Fords Farm estate. Strictly speaking this is in West Berkshire, but as it's drivers heading into Reading that they are targetting we've included it on our Reading page as well. Map with location arrowed. This minimally marked talivan regulary appears in what has been a favourite cash gathering spot for Thames Valley Police ever since the road was reduced from 50 mph to 40 mph, a limit you can clearly see is not justified as there are no houses on one side of the road (Click photos to enlarge). We don't believe this is an accident black spot, our members report hardly any accidents seen over many years.
Looking east towards Reading, this is the view you'd have of the van if you'd come off the M4 at junction 12. It's parked about 500m after the third roundabout after the M4. Whilst the rear of the van has dayglo/relective stripes, the front is deliberately innocuous, and if it's a police vehicle why does it have amber roof lights instead of blue?
Answer: to catch more drivers and make more money.
One Way Ring Road
Reading Borough Council are planning to make the entire 'Inner Distribution Road' one way. Bizarrely, this will be anti-clockwise (i.e. the wrong way). Although they claim this is to 'improve traffic flow', they also talk about reducing the number of traffic lanes, and installing bus lanes (both with the flow and dangerous contraflow).
The imposition of bus lanes belies the real reason for the anti-clockwise direction — bus stops on the town centre side of the road.
Anyone unfortunate enough to have experienced the 'Inner Loop' in Leeds will know what a farce such one-way schemes are — miss your turn and you have to go all the way around again.
We were amazed to find so many press articles about parking in Reading. Of all the local areas the ABD has looked at, Reading Borough Council appears to have one of the most vindictive attitudes to parking of any council in the country.
If you need to park in Reading, join the ABD and help us fight Reading Borough Council's obnoxious anti-car policies!

The private company who have seized on the council's anti-car policies to make money is TFM (Total Facilities Management). They operate as the council's hit squad, and frequently flout the law, slapping a ticket on cars without reason.
TFM is owned by Vinci Park — why not email them direct with your parking complaints? — info@vincipark.co.uk
Vinci Park Services UK is the British subsidiary of Vinci, a major French construction and parking ‘management’ group who had a net income of €176 million in the first half of 2003. They are in Reading for one purpose only — to rake in as much money as possible. Write to your local councillor and demand they are sent packing.

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