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The Lib-Dems lost control of the council at the last election. Let that be a lesson to them.

Richmond Council

Because We Can Make You
We'll Fight Them In The Streets…
A shopkeeper in Twickenham, fed up with his customers being persecuted by parking enforcers, is fighting back against Richmond council's crazed anti-car policies. He's installed a 1000W PA system outside his shop and set up a network amongst fellow shopkeepers and nearby residents who keep watch for parking enforcers. When one is spotted, the sound of a WWII air raid siren is played over the PA off to warn people to move their cars. Martin Herdman of the Carpet Shop on Crown Road has accused the council of trying to destroy local shops.
Richmond Council Abandons Democracy
As if to highlight once again, the contempt with which many councils view democracy these days, Richmond council have decided to go ahead with their CO2 emission based parking fee racket, despite only 49% of respondents and businesses supporting the scheme.
Yet the consultation also highlighted the apathy of many people towards all political isues as only 47% of residents, and 32% of businesses bothered to respond. Clearly most people are happy to led around on a lead by those who think they know better.
Lying through his teeth, Richmond Council leader Serge Lourie said there had been "a clear majority in favour of the proposals". Maybe he should go back to school and learn to count.
Richmond Council Jump on the Anti-Car Bandwagon
Lib Dem run Richmond Council have become the latest clowns to jump on board the anti-car bandwagon. They are proposing that vehicles emitting higher levels of Carbon Dioxide (plant food) should have to pay more for parking outside their own homes. House prices in Richmond are set to plummet.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out that vehicles don't actually emit anything whilst parked, so this proposal is fundamentally unjust and pure discrimination.
The proposals could mean two high emission cars could cost £750 per year, whilst electric cars would be exempt entirely — how handy for Bamber Gascoigne who actually owns one.
The council is effectively trying to tell you what kind of car you are allowed to own in Richmond. We suggest you make it clear to them at the next election what kind of politician is allowed to serve the people in Richmond. Serve the people instead of dictating to them? Now there's an idea, we wonder if it will catch on.

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