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      Date       Media Details
2010-01-29 City University Radio (London) Brian Mooney attacking global warming theory and the use of SPECS cameras to reduce CO₂.
2010-01-28 Daily Express Hugh Bladon supporting Govt Chief Scientist Prof John Beddington's call for more openness on climate science.
"People have every right to be sceptical about man-made climate change"
2010-01-27 Hendon Times Daniel Cukier attacking the number of parking tickets issued by Barnet Council.
2010-01-26 LBC Radio Brian Mooney attacks TfL's record on organising London's roadworks.
2010-01-26 The Paul Biggs and Claire Armstrong of Safespeed attack proposals to use SPECS cameras to reduce CO₂ emissions.
2010-01-25 Fleet News Nigel Humphries attacks the Conservative Party for linking green taxes and tax breaks on marriage.
2010-01-21 Daily Express Keith Peat on EU control of roads policing.
"Giving un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels control over British roads would be disastrous, not just for safety but also for the country’s economy."
2010-01-20 BBC Radio 5 Live Nigel Humphries on older drivers and how to strike the right balance when deciding when they should quit.
2010-01-18 LBC Radio Brian Mooney on the ineffectiveness and cost of the London congestion charge.
2010-01-18 BBC Radio 3 Counties Nigel Humphries on older drivers and how to strike the right balance when deciding when they should quit.
2010-01-17 The Independent Hugh Bladon on inaccurate databases leading to innocent drivers falling foul of ANPR enforcement.
2010-01-15 Hounslow and Chiswick Nigel Humphries on parking.
"Councils claim that fines are about keeping the road clear and enforcing the law, but the regulation is just a money earner and a way to try to stop us using our cars. Anything said about public safety and obstruction is just not true."
2010-01-14 Farmers' Union of Wales
Land Rover Owner International
Extensive quotes from our PR 698 on the usefulness of 4x4 vehicles in winter conditions.
2010-01-13 Nottingham Evening Post Keith Peat attacking CCTV parking enforcement.
2010-01-15 Hendon & Finchley Press
Daniel Cukier on Barnet Council's gritting performance.
2010-01-13 BBC Radio Northampton
Nigel Humphries on potholes.
2010-01-13 BBC Radio Cornwall
Email from John Hatton, concerning a county council consultation over the Chiverton Roundabout on the A30, read out on air.
2010-01-12 Talk Sport Radio
Keith Peat on CCTV parking enforcement.
2010-01-11 Haringey Independent
Nigel Humphries quoted on a council CCTV car parking on double yellow lines.
2010-01-10 The Observer
Hugh Bladon on government plans to force people to insure cars even if they are not being used on the road.
2010-01-10 Deadline Scotland
Nigel Humphries quoted on parking when snow covers road markings.
2010-01-08 Local Transport Today
Letter from Paul Biggs on the climategate scandal.
2010-01-08 Nottingham Evening Post
Keith Peat on the proposal to make speed cameras on the M! permanent.
2010-01-07 Fleet Directory
Coverage of our PR 696.
2010-01-07 Hendon Times
Nigel Humphries urges drivers to appeal against Boxing Day parking fines.
2010-01-04 East London Advertiser
Letter from Brian Mooney about the Mayor of London's transport strategy consultation.
2009-12-30 BBC News
Bob Bull quoted on a proposed bus interchange in Bristol.
2009-12-30 Daily Express
Hugh Bladon on petrol prices.
2009-12-29 Daily Express
Hugh Bladon on fatal road accidents dropping to zero in Swindon after speed cameras removed.
2009-12-27 Kent News
Ian Taylor quoted on councils being unprepared for ice & snow.
2009-12-22 Hendon & Finchley Press
Daniel Cukier on Scrooge-like councils charging for parking on Boxing Day.
2009-12-19 Leicester Mercury
Chris Ward quoted on 20mph speed limits.
2009-12-16 BBC Radio Leeds
Nigel Humphries on the assertion that "road deaths have fallen so is it worth the speed cameras that people don`t like".
Nigel rather spoiled the party by saying that speed policy was counterproductive to safety as it destroyed peoples ability to drive safely.
2009-12-15 This Is Cornwall
Letter from John Hatton on the inadequate state of Cornwall's road network.
2009-12-14 Daily Telegraph
David Legge quoted on four Scottish councils who are asking people to spy on drivers leaving their engines running.
2009-12-11 Talk Radio
Nigel Humphries on a range of topics affecting drivers.
2009-12-11 Bristol Evening Post
Bob Bull on 20mph speed limit zones.
2009-12-11 BBC Radio Northampton
Nigel Humphries on mobile phone usage.
2009-12-11 BBC Radio Leeds
Nigel Humphries discussing Taxi drivers and whether they should have more regulation.
Nigel said that they should have "The knowledge" like in London, and possibily advanced driver training, but we must be careful not to encourage unlicenced cabs by making the regulation too onerous.
2009-12-08 London Informer
Letter from Brian Mooney about the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy.
2009-12-08 Surrey Advertiser
ABD spokesman quoted on proposals to introduce more variable speed limits to the M25.
2009-12-04 Lancashire Evening Post
Hugh Bladon rubbishing a barmy proposal to introduce a 55mph speed limit to 'save the planet'.
Whilst clueless MPs try to decide which side their bread is buttered on.
2009-12-04 Local Transport Today (£)
Paul Biggs quoted on the climategate scandal.
2009-12-03 Sunday Express (£)
Nigel Humphries on motorway roadwork speed limits following Top Gear's coverage of the problem.
2009-11-30 LBC
Brian Mooney on the 3 day closure of the Blackwall Tunnel following a fire, and the removal of the tidal flow.
2009-11-29 Kent News
Ian Taylor quoted on councils profiteering from parking charges and fines.
2009-11-27 Edinburgh Evening News
David Legge quoted on Edinburgh getting an award for pothole repair.
2009-11-26 The Cornishman
Yorkshire Post
Nigel Humphries condemning an Early Day Motion to introduce a 55mph speed limit.
2009-11-26 BBC Radio Leeds
Nigel Humphries rubbishing the 55mph speed limit call and generally attacking CO₂ taxes, climate change and anti-car attitudes.
2009-11-24 BBC Radio Leeds
Nigel Humphries on roadworks.
Nigel slated unnecessary restrictions whilst nobody was working, and blasted lack of road investment resulting in an absence of 'redundancy' in the system.
2009-11-24 East London Advertiser
Letter from Brian Mooney on the mayor's transport strategy.
2009-11-20 Local Transport Today
Letter from Paul Biggs on climate change.
2009-11-16 BBC Radio Sussex
Nigel Humphries on speed cameras.
2009-11-05 BBC
ABD spokesman quoted on 20mph speed limits outside schools.
2009-11-05 Daily Express
Daily Mail
ABD spokesman quoted on Kettering's over-zealous traffic warden.
2009-12 Motor Caravan Magazine Article & photo about our height barriers campaign.
2009-10-26 BBC Radio Humberside Nigel Humphries on eco taxes.
Attacked proposals as being unfair to motorists — we already pay 5 times the Stern recommended tax. Also said that replacing income tax with green taxes would hit the vulnerable — bankers would pay less tax on their bonuses but councils wouldn't be able to afford meals on wheels for pensioners.
2009-10-26 Daily Express Nigel Humphries quoted on eco taxes.
2009-10-26 Local Transport Today Letter from Paul Biggs about climate change.
2009-10-24 BBC Three Counties Radio Brian Gregory on the imminent changes in the Costs Recovery system in courts.
Brian directed people to the opposing petition, & also to our Fair Deal site . He also explained how corrupt the Crown expert witness system was, when for example, the main importer of LTi20-20s is used by the Crown as their "expert" (i.e. supposedly impartial) witness to the LTi20-20's accuracy: which he clearly isn't.
2009-10-21 Edinbugh Evening News David Legge on the reduction of the period of free parking for Christmas in Edinburgh.
How is not charging people 'generous'?
2009-10-17 Kent On Saturday Brian Gregory on the proposed sale of the Dartford crossing.
2009-10-16 BBC Radio Stoke Nigel Humphries on the decomissioning of a speed camera in a village.
2009-10-15 BBC Radio Bristol Nigel Humphries on traffic lights.
Nigel started by expounding the concept of congestion creating policies driven by the desire to force us off the roads and as an excuse for road pricing - Red Ken - Red light. He said that some lights were necessary but many were not and more could be switched off at non peak times. He said that councils felt obliged to do something when there was an accident and traffic lights were often that 'something'. They were dumbing down the driving population in response to accidents caused by bad driving and making things worse.
2009-10-15 Bristol Evening Post Hugh Bladon on traffic lights.
2009-10-14 BBC Radio Leeds Nigel Humphries on cycling.
Some guy had made a video of his cycling exploits to show all the near misses. Nigel said he cycled regularly and had never experienced the kind of behaviour described, and he rarely encountered bad behaviour from cyclists whilst driving. Although he had encountered arrogant cyclists whilst being a pedestrian in London, and that there were a minority of lycra louts who thought they had more moral right to use the roads than anyone else — a bad trait in any road user. Nigel went on to attack the government for not investing in separating traffic from cyclists and pedestrians, citing new towns in the 60s and 70s like Redditch with a super network of cycle paths and underpasses meaning you could get about without ever encountering heavy traffic. Now, as a matter of policy, roads were built to mix all forms of traffic up.
2009-10-12 Edinburgh Evening News David Legge commenting on Edinburgh's pothole repairers getting an award for quality — after they nominated themselves.
2009-10-09 Daily Telegraph Coverage of our PR680 on height barriers.
2009-10-07 Daily Mail Nigel Humphries on a CCTV Car in Basildon catching 215 illegally parked vehicles in 3 weeks.
2009-09-29 Bristol Evening Post Bob Bull comments on parking restrictions in Bristol during football matches.
2009-09-26 Lincolnshire Echo Letter from Keith Peat objecting to the use of the vile term 'rat runs'.
2009-09-23 BBC Radio Wales Nigel Humphries partipated in a phone in about road safety, 20mph speed limits, sign clutter, and ISA.
2009-09-16 BBC Radio Northampton Nigel Humphries on distractions caused by in car devices.
Nigel said there were two totally different issues — taking your eyes off the road and being mentally distracted, the latter meaning that you could be looking through the screen but not taking any notice of what you see. He said there was nothing new about technology distracting people — these things had always been present • maps, newspapers, children etc. He said banning specific activities was not the answer, there was a need to teach people how to take eyes off road safely i.e. by choosing the right moment, making space to other vehicles and road users, mentally maintain trajectory — the driving must come first.
2009-09-16 ARTE TV (Europe) Brian Mooney on speed cameras.
2009-09-12 Lancashire Evening Post ABD mentioned in an article about Lancashire County Council claiming to have found 550 'volunteers' to trial speed limiters.
2009-09-10 CNBC (USA & worldwide) Brian Mooney on the London Congestion Charge
2009-09-09 BBC Radio Leeds Nigel Humphries on the Liz Green show to rubbish the idea of 'carbon rationing'.
Nigel said that we didn't accept the need for it and that the government needed to have a power generation plan to meet the nation's requirements.
2009-09-08 Evening Standard Roger Lawson condemns Richmond London Borough's latest money-grabbing 'green' parking racket.
2009-09-08 BBC Radio Oxford Nigel Humphries on the Joel Hammer show about whether drivers should be retested.
Nigel said this was not necessary and expounded the evils of silly speed limits, adding that Oxfordshire County Council should read the Highway Code.
2009-09-04 Edinburgh Evening news David Legge on Edinburgh's potholes.
2009-08-26 Daily Express Hugh Bladon slams RAC Foundation proposal to sell off Britain's motorway and trunk road network to private companies that will impose tolls.
2009-08-21 LBC (London) Nigel Humphries on motorway service areas.
Nigel suggested that service stations should attempt to attract local business by opening their "back doors", and this would show whether they were competitive with local shops and restaurants or not.
2009-08-18 BBC Radio Manchester Nigel Humphries on the proposal to allow the police to issue fixed penalties for 'careless' driving.
Nigel said that we had been critical of the over-reliance on the issuing of huge numbers of fixed penalties for absolute offences irrespective of the circumstances, and that this had alienated the public from the police and from road safety. We wanted police to target dangerous behaviour, but the fixed penalty was not the way to go, as it would downgrade careless driving to the same discredited level as speed penalties. It was particularly worrying as the charge was so subjective — it gave the police the power to issue a fixed penalty to anyone whenever they liked — and going to court was not an option for most because of the costs.
Nigel added that he trusted most of the rank and file police to apply this sensibly, but that they were likely to be given targets which prevented them from doing so!
2009-08-15 Bristol Evening Post Hugh Bladon quoted on the latest excuse by Bristol to ban cars from something.
2009-08-14 BBC Radio London Nigel Humphries on Southwark being the latest council to implement blanket 20mph.
Nigel said that we supported timed 20mph limits around schools and in certain specific locations where visibility was curtailed as you travelled along a road, and that this would have benefits — benefits that are lost when you have a blanket 20mph zone. He went on to say that Porstmouth 20mph zones were not complied with and backed this up by saying the govt had no right to impose laws that criminalised the reasonable behaviour of the majority. Finally Nigel pointed out that the whole thing was motivated by a belief that driving was anti-social at any speed, and that safety has been hijacked to serve this end.
2009-08-07 Lancashire Evening Post Hugh Bladon on a reduction in road accident fatalities in Lancashire.
2009-08-07 Lancashire Evening Post Nigel Humphries quoted on a parking fine 'lottery' in Lancashire.
2009-08-02 Kent on Sunday Article by Brian MacDowall on speed cameras coming to Kent's motorways.
2009-08-01 BBC Radio 5 Live Roger Lawson on workplace parking tax.
2009-07-30 Press & Journal Paul Biggs quoted re a fatal accident on the A9 near Dalwhinnie in which a contributory cause was a speed limiter.
2009-07-28 BBC Radio Northampton Nigel Humphries on unfair taxes on drivers.
Nigel expounded the £50bn tax vs £9bn spent on roads, saying all we got in exchange was to be bullied. He said fuel tax was the fairest way to raise money. He attacked VED as a legitimate fixed charge that had been destroyed by banding.
2009-07-28 BBC Three Counties Radio Nigel Humphries on mobility scooters.
Nigel said that people were lulled into a false sense of security because they were slow — but they were heavy because of batteries and could do a lot of damage. Pointed out that, like cyclists, there was little could be done to punish riders if they did kill — unlike drivers!
2009-07-28 Edinburgh Evening News Dave Legge on how Edinburgh has milked motorists for three decades.
2009-07-22 BBC News Mention of the ABD's view on the cost of driving.
2009-07-22 BBC R4 'You and Yours' Paul Biggs on French 'E10' ethanol petrol — advice on what to look for at the petrol station, and potential damage to cars built before 2000.
2009-07-21 The Star (S.Yorks) Nigel Humphries on proposed hard shoulder running on the M1 around Sheffield.
2009-07-20 Edinburgh Evening News ABD Spokesman on another non-job invented by those who have power to abuse — a ‘walking co-ordinator’ for Lothian.
2009-07-20 Express & Echo (Exeter) Hugh Bladon on roadworks on the A30 at Honiton, Devon.
2009-07-18 Kent on Saturday Nigel Humphries blasts Kent local authorities for their penny-pincing mentality over parking machines.
2009-07-17 BBC Radio Northampton Nigel Humphries on an RAC survey on drink driving which said that middle aged drivers were the worst.
Nigel expressed shock that so many people admitted driving when they thought they were over the limit. He called for tougher penalties for those double the limit, but a more flexible approach to those a point over the morning after. He said that older drivers and morning after drivers were less affected by the same blood alcohol concentration.
Nigel blamed speed limit and camera policy (esp in Nothants) for undermining the credibility of road safety and consequently the drink drive message, adding that the government were basically trying to make the roads safe for drunks.
2009-07-13 BBC Radio Scotland Paul Biggs on 95-E10 petrol being sold in France
Paul said he didn't accept Ethanol as being more 'enviornmentally friendly' than petrol — emissions are 'different' (less NOx and CO₂, but more HC, plus Acetaldehyde not emitted by petrol) and it contains 70% the energy of petrol weight for weight and therefore gives less mpg. French '95-E10' petrol contains 10% Ethanol, which is acidic and will attack the fuel systems of cars not designed to use it, mostly built before 2000. His advice — don't buy '95-E10' unless you consult the manufacturer of your car first.
2009-07-12 Kent on Sunday Terry Hudson quoted on fewer people caught by speed cameras in Kent, plus an interesting admission by Kent Speed Camera Partnership,
2009-07-12 Daily Telegraph Paul Biggs quoted on the 95-E10 petrol being sold in France which can cause damage to older cars.
2009-07-10 UTV Nigel Humphries quoted on 20mph speed limits in Portsmouth.
The Facebook group mentioned in the article was actaully set up to protest at a survey, not the 20 limits!
2009-06-23 Bristol Evening Post Bob Bull comments on the crackpot idea by Bristol City Council to close the A4 Portway on Sundays
2009-06-15 BBC Radio Bristol Hugh Bladon on cyclists.
Hugh said that we all share the same roads and have a duty to one another; that it was absolutely clear that cyclists frequently ignored the rules of the road by going through red lights, cycling the wrong way on one-way streets, and using the pavements. However, when a car driver runs a red light he is punished, quite rightly, but a cyclist is not.
2009-06-15 Lancashire Evening Post Hugh Bladon quoted on Wyre Borough Council's decision to fit speed limiters to almost all of its vehicles.
2009-06-13 Lincolnshire Echo Keith Peat quoted on 8% of parking tickets issued by Lincolnshire Police being cancelled.
2009-06-08 Lancashire Evening Post Nigel Humphries on speeding prosecutions in Lancashire.
2009-06-05 The Sentinel Paul Biggs quoted on Staffordshire Police wasting a court's time over a tinted window.
2009-06-04 BBC Three Counties Radio Nigel Humphries on a report from road safety officers in Hertford who had done a roadside survey and spotted dozens of drivers on phones or applying hair gel, opening post, etc, etc.
Nigel said that the focus on speed had reduced driving standards, taken attention away from what is important and taken police off the roads in favour of speed cameras. People who were thinking about what is the safe speed to drive at rather than driving by numbers would be less likely to indulge in these activities.
He emphasized that people should not do other activities while driving, but that we were cynical about what these safety officers had seen — were they looking at people in traffic jams? This shows the police should target erratic drivers rather than looking at every car to catch people out in safe circumstances.
2009-05-28 BBC Radio Essex Nigel Humphries on caravans.
Nigel blamed holiday traffic queues on the government for too many single carriageway roads, but also on some people towing with cars not up to the job. He urged caravanners to pull over when possible to let traffic queues past.
2009-05-27 BBC TV News Brian Mooney speaking about Westminster Council handing over 400 parking spaces to car pool company Zipcar.
Brian said this was just another way for councils to discriminate against drivers and take away parking spaces. The Council refused to disclose the financial agreement with Zipcar.
2009-05-25 Yorkshire Post ABD spokesman quoted in a story about speed camera partnerships in Yorkshire trying to find somewhere to install SPECS cameras.
Sounds to us like they are looking a location that will generate loads of money.
2009-05-22 Bolton News Sean Corker quoted on a dodgy speed indicator in Bolton.
2009-05-20 BBC Radio Northampton Nigel Humphries on pot holes.
Nigel slated the government for failing to maintain roads as a priority; and for failing to build the A14 as a motorway from day 1.
2009-05-19 BBC Radio Leeds Nigel Humphries on "is driving enjoyable?"
Nigel said the government were trying to make it unpleasant and force us all to use the bus — and they were succeeding at the former if not the latter. He also said social changes like working mothers were contributiing to more driving, and some people drove more than they want to.
2009-05-19 Honest John Brian Gregory quoted on the government's car scrappage scheme.
2009-05-19 BBC Radio Manchester Nigel Humphries on GMP's Smart spy cars.
Nigel said they should be looking for people driving erratically and finding out why, rather than spying on every car looking for an excuse to write a ticket.
2009-05-14 Cambridge News Brian MacDowall on the congestion charge being proposed for Cambridge, despite falling congestion levels.
2009-05-13 Daily Mail
Daily Telegraph
Sky News
Paul Biggs quoted on Intelligent Speed Adaption.
2009-05-13 Daily Express Brian Gregory quoted regarding a study that claims speed cameras have cost 10,000 lives.
2009-05-08 Ealing Gazette Brian Mooney quoted on the experimental removal of traffic lights at 7 junctions to improve traffic flow.
2009-05-08 Yorkshire Post Nigel Humphries on profiteering from speed awareness courses.
2009-05-07 Daily Express Hugh Bladon quoted on SERCO chief executive Tom Riall being banned from driving after being caught doing 102mph on a 70mph dual carriageway by one of the cameras his company maintians.
2009-05-02 Daily Express Hugh Bladon on roadworks.
2009-05-01 The Scotsman Peter Spinney on prices at motorway service stations.
2009-04-30 Edinburgh Evening News David Legge on roadworks in Edinburgh that are planned to last 23 years!
2009-04-30 BBC Three Counties Radio Hugh Bladon discussing potholes with a presenter who seemed to think they were a good thing.
2009-04-29 Edinburgh Evening News David Legge on Edinburgh City Council's roadwork strategy.
2009-04-28 Birmingham Post Paul Biggs quoted on petrol prices and fuel tax.
2009-04-27 East Kilbride News ABD mentioned in an article about the Galileo satellite system.
2009-04-22 BBC Tees Brian Gregory makes the case for the car.
2009-04-22 TechRadar Peter Spinney quoted on electric cars.
2009-04-22 The Columbian
   Washington state, USA
ABD mentioned in editorial about speed humps.
2009-04-21 Maidstone & Medway IAM
Brian MacDowall gave a presentation on speed limit setting policy.
2009-04-21 BBC Radio WM
Nigel Humphries on 20mph and 50mph speed limits; also insurance hikes for drivers caught eating whilst driving.
2009-04-21 Daily Mail
Nigel Humphries on insurance companies hiking premiums because of trivial 'careless driving' offences such as eating an apple.
2009-04-21 Channel 5 news
BBC News 24
Brian Mooney on blanket 20mph and 50mph speed limits.
2009-04-21 Classic FM news
Hugh Bladon on 20mph speed limits.
2009-04-21 BBC Radio Leeds
Nigel Humphries on 20mph and 50mph speed limits.
2009-04-20 The Scotsman
Bruce Young quoted on cars and public transport.
2009-04-17 My Finances
Nigel Humphries quoted on the possible car scrappage scheme.
2009-04-16 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
BBC Look East
Cambridge Transport Commission
Brian McDowall on the proposed congestion charge for Cambridge.
2009-04-16 BBC Radio Northamptonshire
Brian Gregory discussing mandatory driver retesting for older drivers.
Brian suggested that compulsion was not the right way to go, rather make it attractive to take regular additional training and education.
2009-04-16 Sky News Online
Brian Gregory debating electric cars with Sian Berry.
2009-04-15 Cambridge News
Brian MacDowall on the proposed congestion charge for Cambridge.
2009-04-11 BBC Breakfast Time
BBC Radio 5 Live
Brian Mooney interviewed about the police spy cars.
2009-04-10 Daily Star Brian Gregory quoted on potholes and transport funding.
2009-04-09 Totally Motor Coverage of our press release 662 on Esure and Twitter; which the rest of the media ignored — not wishing to let the facts get in the way of a good story.
2009-04-09 BBC Radio WM Nigel Humphries debating cycling.
Nigel criticized local authority traffic calming schemes that made things dangerous for cyclists. He also praised cycling proficiency, suggested all children should do it, and said that the biggest thing cyclists needed from drivers was room.
2009-04-08 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
Nigel Humphries on the national speed limit petition.
2009-04-07 Click Liverpool
Nigel Humphries on our press release 660 regarding Brake and Direct Line's invalid use of statistics.
2009-04-07 BBC Radio Humberside
Nigel Humphries on the spy cars being used by Greater Manchester Police.
Nigel said that the way to tackle erratic driving was to look for it and then take appropriate action. The best way to do this was the police, who knew how to spot someone drawing attention to themselves. However if these cameras were used like this - filming the traffic in general then zooming in on someone driving erratically to find out why, then we would support them. What would happen in reality is they would snoop through everyones window and "You're holding an apple, you are nicked".
2009-04-07 Daily Express
Nigel Humphries quoted on Britain's potholes.
2009-04-06 BBC Three Counties Radio
Nigel Humphries on the daft idea of fluorescent seat belts.
Nigel said that we thought it was an April fool when we heard about it and that it might start a trend for making it uncool to wear a seatbelt. He supported seat belt wearing, and said that whilst the seat belt law was the nanny state forcing you to do something that should be nobody's responsibility but your own, it wasn't something that the ABD campaigns on because we all wore our belts and it was second nature. There were only two reasons for not wearing belts — forgetting, which is universally dealt with in modern cars with horrible chimes, or deliberately not wearing the belt, and if people were determined enough to get around the chime then surely they would simply wear a flourescent band...
2009-04-06 BBC News
Daily Mail
Daily Telegraph
Nigel Humphries quoted on GMP's spy cars.
2009-04-06 Channel 4 Motoring
Coverage of our press release 659 on the EU's car tracking plan.
2009-04-04 Manchester Evening News
Nigel Humphries quoted on the Smart spy cars being operated by Greater Manchester Police.
2009-04-03 Dumfries & Galloway Standard
Coverage of our Press Release 657 on DVLA fee increases.
Nigel Humphries quoted on government plans for better controls on clamping companies.
2009-03-30 Edinburgh Evening News
Bruce Young quoted on the number of botched road repairs by utility companies on Edinburgh's roads.
2009-03-27 Daily Express
Nigel Humphries quoted on the increase in cost of driving licence renewals and driving tests.
2009-03-27 Sky News
Hugh Bladon counters NCP's corporate spin exercise with a simple truth.
2009-03-24 Calgary Herald (Canada)
Brian Gregory quoted on the 'big brother' mentality.
2009-03-21 Dundee Evening Telegraph
ABD mentioned regarding DVLA selling driver's data to parking enforcers.
2009-03-18 BBC TV News London
BBC News
Brian Mooney interviewed on Islington introducing a borough-wide 20mph limit.
2009-03-16 BBC Radio Stoke
Nigel Humphries on residents' parking bays where the council had painted out some superfluous lines and the paint had worn off so people were contesting tickets and winning.
2009-03-16 National Post (Canada)
Brian Gregory quoted on average speed cameras.
2009-03-13 Honest John
Coverage of our press release 656 regarding the DVLA selling driver's details to clampers.
2009-03-13 West London Gazette
Brian Mooney quoted on residents' difficulties with parking and loading bays.
Brian said he felt that the authorities can get on the wrong side of legislative detail, and residents might need to know the law at least as well.
2009-03-12 Daily Star
Nigel Humphries quoted on government plans to dish out £2,500 to replace old cars for new ones.
2009-03-10 BBC Radio Coventry & Warks
Nigel Humphries on Warkwickshire County Council's decision to "not necessarily" put signs up for speed cameras.
Nigel said cameras that were placed near hazards like dangerous junctions had some effect because they made people pay attention, so they should be as visible as possible.
2009-03-10 The Scotsman
Bruce Young quoted on Perth & Kinross council equipping its parking wardens with head cams.
2009-03-10 BBC Radio Berkshire
Nigel Humphries on the proposed reduction of the national speed limit.
2009-03-07 Klaipeda (Lithuania)
ABD mentioned in an article about the driver pulled over by police for laughing.
Don't ask us what it says, it`s in Lithuanian, if you know do tell. Still, at least we know how to write ‘Association of British Drivers’ in Lithuanian now (britu vairuotoju asociacija).
2009-03-06 BBC TV — Reporting Scotland
Bruce Young interviewed about Aberdeen City Council using "community wardens" to raise cash through parking enforcement.
2009-03-03 Daily Mail
Brian Gregory quoted on a Mersey Tunnel Police cop displaying a complete lack of humour.
2009-03-03 Daily Mail
ABD spokesman quoted in an article about an ex traffic cop who is making a million pounds a year running 'speed awareness' courses.
2009-02-20 BBC Three Counties Radio
Hugh Bladon on government proposals to allow police to hand out 3 points and £60 fines whenever they feel like it, and threaten drivers with £5000 fines and 9 points if they have the audacity to take the case to court.
2009-02-19 BBC Three Counties Radio
Hugh Bladon on public transport.
2009-02-18 BBC TV East — Inside Out
Malcolm Heymer on the technology being used on our roads.
BBC iPlayer (temporary availability only)
2009-02-15 Kent on Sunday
Letter by Terry Hudson about seat belts on buses.
2009-02-13 Local Transport Today (£)
Paul Biggs quoted in an article about Edinburgh imposing CO2 emission based parking charges on residents.
2009-02-13 Local Transport Today
Letter from Nigel Humphries about the statistical invalidity of the claims behind Intelligent Speed Adaption.
2009-02-12 Kentish Gazette
Letter by Terry Hudson challenging policies that demonise drivers.
2009-02-08 BBC Radio Kent
Nigel Humphries on speed camera vans being used to take photos of people not wearing a seat belt or using a mobile phone.
Nigel said that such remote enforcement was a bad thing, just like with speed cameras, not least because it took police off the streets and undermined public confidence in the law. The best thing for safety was the police dealing with erratic and inattentive driving whatever the cause, not someone hiding in a van taking pictures looking for absolute offences which may or may not be affecting peoples driving.
2009-02-08 Kent on Sunday
Letter by Terry Hudson on 20 mph zones.
2009-02-06 Portsmouth City Council
Presentation by Brian MacDowall and Idris Francis on the cost ineffectiveness of speed cameras.
2009-02-05 Tamworth Herald
Letter from Paul Biggs on Warwickshire's plethora of reduced speed limits.
2009-02-03 BBC Three Counties Radio
Nigel Humphries on snow.
Nigel praised the efforts of individuals in councils to keep things moving, derided the "close the schools at the drop of a hat" attitude, and blamed man-made global warming theory for cutting snow budgets.
2009-02-03 Click Liverpool
ABD spokesman on the lunacy of suggesting that people who spread grit from council bins might be sued.
2009-02-03 Daily Telegraph
Nigel Humphries quoted on the failure of local authorities to cope with a bit of snow.
2009-01-31 Daily Star
Hugh Bladon quoted on Richard Brunstrom's latest barmy idea — removing wrecked cars from accident scenes with dead bodies still inside them.
2009-01-30 BBC Radio Northampton
Nigel Humphries on the new speed adverts from the DfT.
Nigel said that they were a waste of money and counterproductive as they implied that nobody need feel any remorse if they killed a child at the speed limit.
2009-01-30 Daily Express
Nigel Humphries quoted on the fuel tax increase planned for 1st April.
2009-01-30 West London Gazette
Brian Mooney quoted on the possible creation of box junctions near the Target roundabout in Northolt.
2009-01-29 Kentish Gazette
Letter by Terry Hudson taking Kent Green Party to task over their claim that drivers are subsidised by taxpayers.
2009-01-29 Daily Telegraph
Daily Express
Nigel Humphries quoted on speed camera prosecutions increasing 7 fold in the last 10 years.
2009-01-28 BBC Southern Counties Radio
Hugh Bladon on 'speed awareness' courses costing more than paying the fine!
2009-01-25 Kent on Sunday
Letter by Terry Hudson on traffic calming.
2009-01-19 Lancashire Telegraph
Coverage of our press release 652 regarding the pensioner hounded to death over a speed camera fine.
2009-01-19 BBC Radio Northampton
Nigel Humphries on hard shoulder running and road building.
2009-01-16 Local Transport Today (£)
Letter from Paul Biggs replying to previous letters about road pricing.
2009-01-16 Surrey Advertiser
Nigel Humphries quoted on claims by Surrey speed camera partnership that speed cameras have reduced accidents.
2009-01-16 Bristol Evening Post
Hugh Bladon quoted on a police operation to fine drivers using bus lanes in Bristol.
2009-01-15 Kentish Gazette
Letter from Terry Hudson about a class deal for motorists; criticising a council transport manager whose priorities seem to be public transport, walking, and cycling.
2009-01-15 The Scotsman
Bruce Young on a Scottish government backed eco-driving campaign.
2009-01-05 Which
Coverage of our press release 651 on speed limiters.
2009-01-01 Daily Mail
Hugh Bladon on charges being imposed on drivers at some airports just for picking people up or dropping them off.

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