London, 23 Mar 1997.
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RAC abandons the motorist
The organisation now declares itself committed to "mobility"

The RAC has (like the larger Automobile Association) abandoned the overwhelming majority of its members and now declares itself committed to "mobility". There is now only one real motorists' organisation in the UK - the Association of British Drivers.

Despite having millions of fee-paying, car-owning and driving members who expect it to defend their interests, the RAC no longer feels it appropriate to put its craven head above the parapet so to do. It now believes that road transport, and the private car in particular, is just one of several alternative forms of transport. It is in favour of the use of other transport modes than the private car wherever possible.

So much for the "New Knights of the Road"!

Never mind that over 80% of car journeys are unavoidable, work-related ones. Never mind that public transport can never match the unrivalled flexibility and the go-where-you-want, when-you-want, freedom offered by the private car; that it is inefficient and dirty; and that, on a per vehicle basis, public transport produces disproportionate quantities of the most dangerous PM10 emissions.

Why then is the RAC so keen to continue taking private motorists' membership subscriptions, yet not prepared to fight the motorist's corner?

ABD's Chairman, Brian Gregory, has this to say:

The fact is that there is now only one real motorists' organisation in the UK: the Association of British Drivers.

The ABD is not afraid to challenge the avalanche of anti-motoring sentiments being propounded from many quarters.

We are the ones who are prepared to tell the truth about road safety, about road transport and air pollution, about road-building and about the real benefits and costs of motoring.

Those who are passionate about cars and motoring, who enjoy driving and want to continue enjoying it and who want to ensure that the legacy of freedom of mobility can still be enjoyed by their children should resign from the two moribund, old-established UK motoring organisations; whose fires are out and whose day is past, and join the ABD now.

Joining us will help wrest control of the motorist's destiny from extremist anti-car minorities and self-serving politicians and put that control back where it belongs - in the motorist's hands.


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