London, 28 October 1998.
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Prescott puts his foot in Global Warming
Deputy Prime Minister joins sidekick John Reid in Spouting Nonsense
Just as the ABD was drawing your attention to the incorrect statements about air quality and asthma attributed to Transport Minister John Reid, it transpires his boss John Prescott is at it, too. The Independent on 27 October carried the following on the subject of Global Warming:

Doing nothing, Mr Prescott said, was not an option. "The science is clear and the evidence is no longer challenged," he said. "1998 looks to be the world's warmest year on record, and this year's El Nino was the worst on record."
"We can hardly believe this," said ABD Chairman Brian Gregory, shaking his head. "Mr Prescott is far from stupid and has nothing but grief to gain from his support for Global Warming Theory. We can only assume that he is so busy running his huge department that it is easy for the huge raft of evidence against this very convenient (for the environmentalists) theory to be kept from him."

To suggest that Global Warming "science is clear" is absurd, but to go on to say that "no-one challenges the evidence any more" is simply untrue. Here is just a flavour of the groups and arguments ranged against the idea that man's activity is catastrophically warming the planet:

Clear science, Mr Prescott? Evidence no longer challenged, Mr Prescott? We think not.

The plain fact is that, when natural sources of CO2 are taken into account, cars generate less than one percent of global CO2 emissions anyway - moreover domestic heating accounts for more CO2 than does transport, yet the tax element on domestic fuel is 5% whereas for petrol it is over 400%.

Meanwhile, our truck drivers go out of business because diesel is so much cheaper on the continent, where they are past masters at agreeing to things then doing nothing. The Germans are even getting rid of nuclear power, which can only increase their CO2 emissions.

If Prescott goes ahead with his more draconian plans to achieve this absurd 20% CO2 reduction target, the economic hardship he creates will be one helluva way to justify raising indirect taxes from motorists. If we are entering a mini ice age in 30 years - something which seems just as likely as the costa del Blackpool scenario - then John Prescott is likely to be remembered as a figure of loathing and ridicule rather than the courageous pioneer he sees when he looks in the mirror.


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