London, 13 Nov 1998.
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ABD Membership Doubles in Six Months
Campaign Against Anti-Car Measures Moves Up a Gear
Membership of the Association of British Drivers has doubled in six months as more and more people recognise the threats to their freedom and livelihoods posed by the unnecessary anti car campaign being waged by influential, well funded, but surprisingly small pressure groups.

ABD Chairman and founder Brian Gregory said:

"This is great news for the motorist, and great news for Britain. We have been warning people about the plans of the anti car lobby for years, and now the chickens are coming home to roost we are seeing lots of new members - peopleare at last recognising the threat to freedoms they have taken for granted all their lives."
The ABD remains, however, a group run in the spare time of working people and so is a true grass roots organisation. But with more resources and manpower, the ABD can now step up its activities, and is streamlining its campaign around three main thrusts:

All future ABD communications will be tagged by one of these straplines, with general communications such as this one carrying "Reclaiming the roads for the people who pay for them"

The ABD is looking for media opprtunities in all of these areas, and can provide articles and spokesmen on request - call or fax on 07000-781544

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