London, 13 November 1998.
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ABD scepticism about "Air quality deaths" vindicated
French Research Links Heart Attacks With Temperature and Pressure Changes Instead
Research on 250,000 Frenchmen conducted by the University of Lille has linked the timing of heart attacks with both low temperatures and abnormally high or low air pressure.

Deaths thus blamed by the French on changes in the weather are, in our country, conveniently and deceitfully attributed to 'air pollution' and the motor car in order to justify absurd restrictions on car use.

The ABD has pointed out many times that pollutant levels invariably peak - albeit at levels normally well within safe limits - in the still air which accompanies high air pressure and both hot summer and cold winter temperatures.

We have always suggested that it is likely to be these weather conditions which result in sick people dying on one day rather than another. Here is large scale research that makes the same link.

ABD Chairman Brain Gregory comments:

This French research goes a long way towards vindicating our deep scepticism about Green claims that cars are 'killing thousands'. It is all too easy for the anti car lobby to get away with passing off their wishful thinking as science, so blaming cars for health problems which, on closer analysis, have other causes.
The results of the Lille research were published in the Daily Telegraph on 10 November 1998:

So please, let us not entertain any more eco-spin about 'car fumes killing thousands' based on nothing more than assuming that when two things happen at the same time, one must be causing the other.

In it's place, let us:


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