London, 21 November 1998.
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Roads Minister Whitty Still Undecided About Alcohol Limit Reduction
But the facts still support the current limit of 80mg/100ml

Sources close to the ABD suggest that Roads Minister Lord Whitty is still making his mind up about the proposed reduction in the permitted blood alcohol level for driving from 80mg to 50mg. Lord Whitty was last week taking the line that he is “minded to reduce the limit”, retaining the minimum penalty of a 12 month ban at the new level. This is despite the reports in the summer that Transport Commissioner Kinnock had backed down from his attempt to harmonise limits across Europe at 50mg. ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said today: “The Government has been consulting about this issue for a year now, but the facts haven’t changed - a 50mg limit, especially carrying a 12 month driving ban, would hit innocent drivers hard whilst ignoring the hard core of drunks who cause danger to others”.

The government must listen to reason on this issue and take measures which tackle the real problem rather than saddling the public with yet more unjust, misdirected and potentially counterproductive legislation. THE LIMIT MUST STAY AT 80mg.

The main reasons why it would be a pointless travesty of justice and an iniquity to reduce the limit are:

Rather, the Government should be urged to take the following positive and sensible actions:

You can read The ABD’s full response to the consultation on this site.  


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