London, 13 January 1999.
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EVO Magazine and the ABD expose the truth about speed
How Progress Has Left the 70mph Limit For Dead

New performance car monthly EVO magazine (February edition) contains a comparison of a 1999 Ford Focus versus a 1965 Ford Anglia to illustrate how cars have progressed since the 70mph motorway limit was imposed. This test was carried out under controlled conditions at MIRA, and covered acceleration, braking and handling. Key findings were:

EVO (Editor John Barker 01933 663355) concludes: “It’s more than 30 years since the 70mph limit was imposed. In that time cars have improved out of all recognition. Isn’t there a strong case for raising the motorway limit?”

This issue of EVO also contains a two page article by ABD spokesman Mark McArthur Christie laying out the politics surrounding the issue of speed, showing how road safety has become enmeshed in the anti car bandwagon currently rolling through the corridors of power:

“The Government’s plans for new driving taxes and controls show they are profoundly and deeply anti car. Their proposals for new Gatsos, lower speed limits and more traffic calming show that they do not even begin to understand what makes for excellence in driving,” writes McArthur Christie. “Owning and driving a car is about freedom. This freedom is disappearing with every new consultation document, white paper and transport proposal. As drivers we have to fight back - before we have nothing left to fight for,” he continues.

In 1966, when the 70mph limit came in, Stirling Moss wrote in another leading motoring magazine bemoaning the lack of sense behind the proposal and asking why there was no drivers’ group to campaign more effectively against it than the AA and RAC.

Its taken a long time, Stirling, but the ABD is doing its best to rise to your challenge!


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