London, 12 July 1999.
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Global Warming Conference Delegates Challenged By ABD
Pro-Car Campaigners "Staggered" to Find Agreement on Global Warming Scepticism
Leading drivers' campaigning organisation the Association of British Drivers (ABD) successfully lobbied the recent 'Implementing the Kyoto Protocol' conference at Chatham House, London, on June 14.

This international conference, hosted by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, included John Prescott as a keynote speaker. Its work centred around the Kyoto Summit at which reductions in carbon dioxide emissions were agreed by industrial nations.

On June 14th, ABD members gathered on the pavement outside Chatham House to lobby delegates and provide independent objective information on climate change to passers-by. The reaction of the public to the ABD's literature was generally one of surprise, as few were aware of the impact of the Sun on climate change, and that while this was being ignored carbon taxation was causing them to lose 86p in every £1 spent on petrol directly to government coffers, for no good environmental reason.

But it was the response of the conference delegates that provided the biggest surprise. About half of the 150 delegates were lobbied, and some of the comments received were:

  1. "Your data (graphs showing clear link between solar activity and climate) is spot on. I know all about the work of Piers Corbyn, John Butler, Friis-Christensen and Lassen*. I don't think there's a single environmentalist in here, they're all lawyers, accountants and administrators. It's not about global warming, it's about politics and trade."
    (*scientists who have amassed data which debunks man-made global warming theory, mentioned in ABD leaflets)
  2. "That's the killer punch" (DETR official - such belligerence!) indicating the line in the ABD leaflet which says that 96.5% of CO₂ emissions are from natural sources.)
  3. "Interesting" (Friends of the Earth delegate to the point that there is no CO2 to temperature correlation as good as the solar activity to temperature correlation, and that temperature drives CO₂ levels not vice versa. Followed by: "I must contact Dr Butler".
  4. "You're right." (MIT Professor)
  5. "We print this kind of thing all the time - it's quite right" (Delegate from the journal 'Ecologist')
Needless to say, all those involved in the lobbying did come across some closed minds amongst the delegates, but it was quite amazing - eerie even - to be agreed with so often.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said: "What is going on here? Delegates attending a conference on how to implement cuts in carbon dioxide emissions are openly admitting that they are familiar with scientists whose work suggests the whole thing is a complete waste of time. Why are these people not speaking out?"

ABD Committee member and environmental analyst Bernard Abrams is equally forthright: "John Prescott, along with many others, has been taken in by a bandwagon of environmentalist pseudo science which has been whipped up into the mother of scare stories. It is time for the truth to come out."

Further motoring tax rises are totally unjustifiable on environmental grounds. Once this country's 30 million driving licence holders realise the truth, Prescott's political future will be bleak.

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