London, 3 Nov 1999.
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Children To Swallow Green Diet - Plus Safety Under Threat
The Association of British Drivers has issued a warning to parents about the growing level of state-backed indoctrination in our schools concerning environmentalism and road safety.
Propaganda, which is passed off as objective information, is to be foisted on our children through several government initiatives. The development of critical thinking in pupils is to be diluted in favour of acceptance of certain politically correct ideas. Teachers are to be press-ganged into compliance using ministerial pressure and financial inducements.

The catalogue of proposed indoctrination includes a whole new curriculum designed to 'inform' our children about issues concerning the environment and safety.

Given the emotive nature of these topics it is more important then ever to remain objective in terms of education and training, but there are clear signs that objectivity is no longer on the school timetable. Instead, lessons on citizenship and social education will be used to re-inforce the views of a select political group.

Future Curriculum Faces Green Take-Over

'Green learning for the new Century' is the subject of DfEE Press Notice 176/99.

It reports on recommendations for a 10 year programme of education and training about the environment and sustainable development - in schools, youth services, further and higher education, at work and in the home.

Drawn up by a 'Sustainable Development Education Panel', this development is seen by green activists as a means of ensuring a stranglehold on the minds of young people. It is certain that the widespread scientific doubts concerning many current environmental themes will not be given sufficient coverage. For example:

Safety Last

Money Talks


Bernard Abrams, ABD Education & Science Spokesman, comments:

"These examples of myth being presented as fact would form the basis of a first-rate course for future Ministers of Propaganda. What we can be certain of is that our children will not be given the full picture in the future Green Curriculum.

As an OFSTED Inspector visiting numerous lessons each year it is already evident that many textbooks used by schools in science lessons fail woefully in terms of presenting accurate information about environmental and safety issues. This is partly the fault of authors, publishers and teachers, but with green information pollution rife, it is hardly surpising that politically correct 'received wisdom' is handed down as fact."

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory concludes:
"The harm done to our economic well-being, freedom of movement and road safety record are important but pale into insignificance against the longer-term threat posed by such close control of our children's thoughts.

Greens have been hugging up the wrong tree for so long they have lost the plot. Even now they are attempting to control every human act using scare tactics based on eco-mythology. This process is shortly to be enshrined in the school curriculum. For the sake of our children's future, it's time for us all to wake up and put a stop to state-sponsored thought control."




(1) Dr John Butler, writing in the Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics, shows that there is a solar origin for climate change over the last 200 years; mechanisms to explain this have been outlined by e.g. Dr Piers Corbyn, South Bank University.

(2) National Environment Technology Centre data shows that a single diesel engined bus generates as much particulate pollution as 128 cars and as much NOx gases as 39 cars. The Deputy Prime Minister is on record (Rutherford M, Auto Express, interview with John Prescott) admitting that the bus pollution problem may not be sorted until 2017.

(3) University of Kyoto scientists have found one of the most carcionogenic chemicals known to science (3-nitrobenzanthrone) in diesel bus exhausts when the engine is under load, as it is when pulling away from a school bus stop.

(4) Dr Kenneth Kalman, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health, in 'Study on the Causes of Asthma (1995)' states: "Air pollution does not cause Asthma - there is no correlation between levels of vehicle emissions and asthma incidence", a view backed by Professor Emeritus Stanley Feldman (Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School) writing in the London Weekly Times: "In the last 40 years the level of air pollution has decreased dramatically. Nevertheless the incidence of asthma has risen...Childhood asthma is a greater problem in the green fields of East Anglia than in London."

(5) e.g. Dr Martin Stern of the British Allergy Foundation, who - when interviewed on GMTV - stated categorically that asthma was not caused by air pollution, a view supported in writing by the National Asthma Council.

(6) e.g. The Sun newspaper (10/08/99) which carried unopposed condemnation of government proposals in its letters column earlier this year: 'The Government launched its latest attack on motorists by introducing "play safe" zones where pedestrians have right of way over cars. Where will this madness end?' from C Bibby, Poole, Dorset.


'Most parents warn children about the dangers of being near a road as soon as they can toddle. Now some idiot has introduced zones which encourage kids to play in the road. Children could easily confuse safe streets with normal ones, with tragic consequences. Safe play areas for children, roads for cars, please.' from T Pallance, Shoeburyness, Essex.

(7) Transport Research Laboratory report 323, which used high-level police accident investigators to study the causes of thousands of road traffic accidents across several police regions, concluded that:

i) in accidents which cause serious injury or death to a pedestrian, pedestrian error is the cause in 84% of cases, driver error in only 12% of cases, and other factors (e.g. poorly maintained roads) are to blame for the remaining 4%

ii) excessive speed causes only 4% of road accidents, not the 33% claimed by the government - the TRL statistic is in agreement with AA Foundation for Road Safety Research findings (1994) as well as findings from similar studies in the USA. This places UK roads as amongst the very safest in the world, and compares favourably with the record of fatalities and injuries in the home - annual road deaths total less than 3,500 while deaths through accidents in the home exceed 4,500.

(8) Guidelines issued to prospective Technology Colleges, DfEE, 1999.


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