London, 26 Feb 2000.
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Government-Backed Propaganda Campaign Steps Up A Gear As Teachers Face Environmental Indoctrination
Environment Agency 'briefings' aim to 'educate' geography teachers about global warming. The Association of British Drivers (ABD) warns of the dire need to educate the Environment Agency on the causes of climate change.

The ABD likens the prospect of government-backed in-service courses for teachers on global warming issues to the Inland Revenue lecturing businesses on tax avoidance.

Bernard Abrams, ABD Education & Environment spokesman and OFSTED Inspector, comments:

"The authorities' view on global warming is blinkered to say the least. No doubt teachers attending these 'briefings' will be expected to pass on the Party Line to their pupils -as accepted fact. Yet there is overwhelming evidence for a natural origin to climate change.

We have expensive TV advertising campaigns linking climate change to use of the car, yet this source accounts for little more than one-half of one percent of total global emissions of carbon dioxide.

Given that each Budget sees the Chancellor excusing another motorists' mugging on the basis of global warming, there is a glaring conflict of interest here to say the least. With buildings emitting nearly twice the volume of carbon dioxide as transport sources, the Environment Agency might try to explain to teachers why fuel to heat buildings is taxed at 5% while fuel to keep the nation moving (petrol) is taxed at 500%.

There are nearly 20,000 scientists' signatures on the Oregon Petition, and so much evidence pointing to the Sun as the cause of short-term climate change that the link with fossil fuel burning is not only statistically weak but also empirically redundant. It seems unlikely at best that teachers attending these 'briefings' will be given the full picture.

Canadian Environment Minister Christine Stewart let the cat out of the bag with her comment - after the Kyoto Summit - that the science of man-made global warming may be 'phoney' but there are 'collateral benefits' linked to opportunities for greater social justice. Translated into plain English, this means that sustaining public fears about climate change can be used to justify indirect tax hikes, ignoring the detrimental impact on enterprise and mobility whilst trying to avoid the unpopularity which such measures deserve.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory, on hearing about these sessions, responded:
"Research by the ABD has unearthed a large catalogue of evidence which clearly refutes traditional man-made global warming theory, and we offer this to the Environment Agency (see below) as a source of objective data for use in their in-service courses for teachers.

What we need from the Government and the Environment Agency is more objectivity and less hot air about global warming. At the moment both are at the bottom of the class in these subjects."


Man Made Global Warming - Fact Or Fiction? The ABD's Evidence (And Conclusion)

1. Problems With Global Warming Theory

2. Evidence That Warming and Phenomena Attributed to Man Made Warming are Natural

3. Evidence of a Natural Mechanism for Climate Change

Climate change is a natural phenomenon driven by:
  1. Short timescales: changing patterns of solar activity, amplified by upper-atmosphere effects
  2. Medium-long timescales: tectonic activity /volcanism
  3. Long timescales: the Milankovitch cycles in the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit and in its axial tilt

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