London, 9 May 2000.
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Global Cooling - But The Motorist Is Still Mugged
Extreme Weather Linked to Sunspot Activity, not Transport Emissions
As Friends of the Earth rally their supporters to lobby MPs to vote for traffic reduction targets to "help reduce global warming", new NASA figures show the last 12 months have been the coolest recorded since 1994.

"One swallow may not make a summer," says the ABDís Environment Spokesman Bernard Abrams, "But surely this reversal of the late Ď90s warming trend should call into question the logic of this approach."

The latest reports from UK-based Weather Action, an organisation which uses solar methods to forecast weather long-term with uncanny accuracy, shows that despite continuing carbon dioxide emissions, global cooling has been taking place.

"Global temperatures were cooler than normal in March, continuing a year-long trend" says Weather Action. "John Christy and Roy Spencer, space scientists working on a joint project by NASA and the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), report that the past year has been the coolest recorded since the 12 months ending August 1994. Average global temperatures from April 1999 through March 2000 were 0.1 degrees Celsius below seasonal norms from a 20-year average between 1979 and 1998".

Data for the NASA-UAH report is gathered by monitoring weather satellites. The equipment allows accurate temperature readings for almost all of planet Earth, including remote desert locations, rain forests and oceans. This is much more accurate than traditional ground stations, which can easily be affected by local man made changes.

ABD Environment spokesman Bernard Abrams comments:

"Satellite observations provide a far more accurate thermometer than ground-based measurements, which environmentalists quote in global warming scares -such terrestrial measures are contaminated by 'urban warming', where growing urbanisation at the measurement sites causes heat retention which gives rise to FALSE readings for global warming."

Weather reports during April, from both the UK and overseas, have indicated either higher or lower rainfall than usual. Shortly after flooding in Mozambique, parts of Britain had rainfall over 300% greater than expectation for April. In other countries severe droughts are threatening economic prosperity and even the lives of citizens.

Such apparent extremes of weather are represented in the media and by the authorities as due to global warming, which is then linked to carbon dioxide emissions. However, the UK winter rainfall cycle closely follows both the 11 year sunspot cycle and overall increases in solar output, says Weather Action.

"Its about time the British Motorist stopped being made a scapegoat for problems which have a natural explanation," continues Abrams. "Instead of organising a witchhunt against drivers in developed countries, environmental groups and governments should concentrate on helping impoverished people cope with natural climate change by helping them improve their infrastructure, health and education."


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