London, 10 July 2000.
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New Fuel Tax Campaign Launched By Drivers Group
"Show The Fuel Tax" Says the ABD
The ABD, Britainís leading independent drivers group, has today launched a campaign to persuade petrol stations to "SHOW THE TAX" on petrol and diesel fuels.

Recent increases in the price of crude oil have exposed the full effects of the fuel duty escalator, which had previously been hidden by falling oil prices and a rising pound.

Petrol and diesel prices are now nearly 50% higher than in 1997, causing real hardship to poorer motoring families, especially in rural areas. This must hurt the economy.

There is a "boycott the pumps" campaign, designed to draw attention to fuel prices and taxes, scheduled for the 1st of August. The ABD is pleased to support this, but much more is needed to bring the necessary political pressure on the Government and GET THESE TAXES CUT.

That is why the ABD is launching its "SHOW THE TAX" campaign.

We have begun to circulate an e-mail containing a letter to be handed to petrol station managers encouraging them to:

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory comments:
"Most people do not realise that when they put £50 of petrol in their tank they only get £14 worth of fuel. The other £36 goes in tax. This stealth tax costs some poorer families more than they pay in income tax. If people were reminded exactly how much they were paying through the nozzle every time they filled up, political pressure for lower fuel taxes would be much greater."

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