London, 19 July 2000.
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Poll On Transport Issues Reveals Scale Of Public Deception
The Association of British Drivers (ABD) dismisses the findings of a recent poll on transport issues as evidence of the scale of the government's anti-car disinformation campaigns - and nothing more.
In the survey, around half of those polled believed that the amount of motor vehicle pollution will worsen over this decade.

ABD Environment Spokesman, Bernard Abrams, comments:

"The poll, based on replies from around 2,000 people in England, is a prime example of GIGO - garbage in, garbage out. The public are fed a diet of lies and half-truths about the car and the environment each day, so it's hardly surprising they regurgitate it when asked." "The survey results show how far perception is valued over objective evidence in New Labour's world of spin and focus groups," continues Abrams. "David Begg, Chairman of the Commission for Integrated Transport, places greater weight on this kind of hearsay than the findings of the National Environment Technology Centre and the Government Buildings Research labs. Anybody taking the time to study this subject properly would find that: In spite of the last point, we don't see politicians expressing concern for the health risks posed by indoor pollution - because there's no tax-take in it for them."
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory adds:
"This survey also revealed concern over traffic congestion, which is shared by the ABD. However, our concern arises from the fact that, in actual traffic surveys between 1998 and 1999 (for which data is available) traffic on the vast majority of major urban routes was constant or falling. Yet everyday experience, and AA surveys, show that despite no increase in traffic on these roads congestion is indeed getting worse - this is being caused by traffic mismanagement at the hands of anti-car Councils, inspired by the most unpopular man in the Labour government: John Prescott."
The ABD's ten point 'Congestion Hall of Shame' details how authorities nationwide are causing, not curing, traffic problems through:
  1. Road closures
  2. Roads being made one-way from two-way, or narrowed
  3. Politically correct humps, pillows and chicanes
  4. Deliberate gating of cars at traffic lights
  5. Proliferation of empty bus lanes waiting for nearly-empty buses
  6. Ever lower speed limits
  7. Roads being left in disrepair in pot hole Britain
  8. Poor co-ordination of road works
  9. Car-unfriendly ring roads and other traffic systems
  10. Unwanted pedestrianisation schemes, which cause chaos and hit businesses
The ABD says: Unless the government comes clean on transport issues, stops the anti-car propaganda campaign and treats motorists fairly, it is headed for certain defeat at the hands of 25 million disgruntled motorists at the next General Election.

Anti-car Councillors can look forward to a similar kick in the ballots.


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