London, 31 July 2000.
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ABD Condemns Government's "Do as we say, not as we do" attitude to drivers .
Leading drivers group the Association of British Drivers has condemned the decision to take no action against Jack Straw's driver for driving at 103MPH, a speed that would probably result in any normal driver losing their licence and possibly their livelihood.

"We don't know what the conditions were at the time", says ABD Road and Traffic Spokesman Nigel Humphries, "and it is quite possible that the driver was not doing anything dangerous, but this is totally beside the point. Any ordinary driver who drives at even 75MPH in perfect conditions can still be prosecuted for speeding, even if they can prove this was not dangerous driving. So what is the difference?"

ABD chairman Brian Gregory added "Coming so soon after the Prime Minister's motorcade drove in the M4 bus lane to avoid a traffic jam specifically created to obstruct ordinary drivers, this demonstrates the outrageous hypocrisy of a government that claims to be mystified when drivers object to motorway bus lanes and unreasonable speed limits, that insists that these measures somehow benefit drivers rather than obstruct them, then announces that of course these restrictions do not apply to politicians, because they have urgent business to attend to!"


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