London, 28 Sep 2000.
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ABD Calls For All Road Fuel Users To Remain United
Don't let Gordon and Tony get away with "Divide and Rule"
From comments made recently by several government ministers on the subject of fuel tax reductions there is evidence that plans are being made for special concessions for the farmers and hauliers while ignoring the needs of the private motorist.

Whilst the ABD welcomes any measures which may be introduced to help those hard pressed industries, it calls for all road users to remain united in their demand for a universal cut in fuel duty.

Tony Vickers, the ABD's fuel tax campaign co-ordinator said, "What shook the government as much as the speed with which the pumps ran dry was the overwhelming support of the private motorist for the protestors' action. We must not let the government employ divide and rule tactics. Anything less than a significant cut in fuel duty is unacceptable."

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory concluded: "If ministers defy the legitimate grievance of 30 million voters they will pay dearly at the ballot box."


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