London, 30 Oct 2000.
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Dome Admits Anti-Car Policy A Failure
In large advertisements in today's press, the Dome has been declared a "Car-Friendly Zone" for November.
Since its opening, car drivers have been prevented from parking anywhere near the Dome, instead being forced to park miles away, and be shuttled in by bus.

Alternatively, they could let the train take the strain - at a prohibitive cost for the typical family of four that the dome is supposed to be aimed at.

This change of heart is an admission that deliberately preventing people from driving to the Dome has been a major factor in its failure.

The sudden availability of parking shows that the restrictions on car use were not due to lack of space, but were a politically motivated attempt to enforce anti-car ideology on the public.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:

"The hypocrisy of this is unbelievable, whilst many of the displays within the dome still contain anti-car messages, the government has now admitted that same ideology to be a total failure."
Any venue, be it for entertainment, sport, shopping, or business, requires adequate and affordable access for cars to be commercially viable.

The ABD calls for an immediate U-turn of government planning regulations which now prohibit the provision of adequate car parking places. For these restrictions threaten not just one venue, but the economy of the entire country.


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