London, 31 Oct 2000.
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Extreme Weather And Global Cooling
The Association of British Drivers today counters the popular myth that the recent bad weather is the fault of global warming.
Many media commentators have publicly blamed the recent bad weather on global warming, without a moments thought for alternatives, nor the result of their actions on the lives of 26 million motorists currently struggling to cope in a climate of extortionate fuel duty and 'anti-car' hysteria.

ABD Environment spokesman, Bernard Abrams, said:

"Some journalists are misleading the public at large through no fault of their own. They are playing by 'green' rules in blaming the recent weather on global warming. In fact, NASA report that Global temperatures have fallen markedly in the last 18 months. John Christy and Roy Spencer, space scientists working on a joint project by NASA and the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), said that the year to April 2000 showed significant global cooling. Average global temperatures from April 1999 through March 2000 were 0.17 Fahrenheit (0.10 degrees Celsius) below expectation."
Abrams continues:
"This global cooling amounts to 0.10 deg C in just 12 months, which doesn't seem much but is in fact 15% of the total claimed for global warming (0.6 deg C) over the last 100 years. Yet emissions and atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide have NOT dropped, ruling out the environmentalist 'explanation' that it is all due to cars. Since cars generate a tiny 0.6% of atmospheric levels (0.037%) of carbon dioxide anyway, this has always been a non-starter. Removing all the world's cars overnight would give a 'new' atmospheric carbon dioxide level of 0.037%! But if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it, and with so much tax at stake the Government have been happy to play along"

ABD Chairman, Brian Gregory concludes:

"It's about time the public were told the truth. The recent bad spell of weather comes during a period of global cooling, and there is no connection whatsoever between climate change and the car. Variations in the Sun's activity and output are responsible - the change motorists most want to see is to a more reasoned car-friendly climate."


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