London, 2 Nov 2000.
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ABD Condemns Red Ken's 'Eco-Disaster' As Drivers Face Rip-Off Charges
As Mayor Livingstone steps up his cynical cash-grabbing war against the motorist, the Association of British Drivers condemns his fireworks display, planned for New Year's Eve, as 'an eco-disaster'.
"Green activists should be up in arms" says Bernard Abrams, ABD Environment Spokesman. "Oxides of sulphur and nitrogen produced during this firework display will cause up to 24 tonnes of acid rain, while you could drive a small city car around London continuously for six weeks and still produce less carbon dioxide than the fireworks display will generate in minutes."

The ABD is not protesting at fireworks displays in general, merely the hypocrisy of an anti-car extremist causing more pollution in one night than a car will in an entire year's normal driving.

"The Transport Research Laboratory have studied options for a Low Emission Zone in London," says ABD Chairman, Brian Gregory, "and concluded that - these are their words - restrictions on cars on air quality grounds have been shown not to be warranted."

"Livingstone has adopted the emissionary position here," continues Gregory, "but it's motorists who will end up shafted. The environment will be harmed more by Red Ken in one night than by a modern, green car in one year. This situation is scandalous, and the hypocrisy beggars belief."

The ABD hopes Londoners enjoy watching the luxury of this fireworks display, a far more likely proposition than the pleasure they will derive from being taxed to the hilt for driving a car on essential journeys in the capital.


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