London, 11 Nov 2000.
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ABD Highlights Double Standards
On day two of the fuel protestors 'Jarrow March', the Association of British Drivers highlights double standards from the government and police.
The police, with military support if deemed necessary, have powers to arrest protestors for 'driving slowly and disrupting traffic flow'.

ABD spokesman, Nigel Humphries said,

"It smacks of a return to a former Soviet style regime. The police and army should have better things to do, other than intimidate peaceful protestors campaigning for a right to make a living. Farmers, truckers and motorists have rejected the cynical attempt by Greedy Gordon's 'greenwashed' budget statement. And now we see the next phase - Jack 'Boot' Straw sends in 'the boys'.
Brian Gregory, ABD Chariman, commented,
"The unseen double standard lies in arresting people for disrupting traffic flow. This government and its partners in crime in local government have been systematically disrupting traffic flow for years, with bus lanes, bumps, pillows, traffic gating and pseudo road safety GATSO cameras. And when anarchist and anti-capitalists from the environmental movement 'protest' through the streets of London vandalising property and cars, defacing monuments and terrorising passers-by, the police just look on."
He continued,
"If the police and army want to do something useful, they should be visiting Downing Street and the County Halls across the UK in order to lock away the true enemies of free movement and free speech.

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