London, 19 Nov 2000.
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Hot Air In Holland
As the global warming industry meets in Holland, the Association of British Drivers calls for an open debate about the true causes of climate change.
Recent severe weather and flooding affecting parts of the UK saw a spate of exploitation by environmental groups claiming a link between heavy winter rainfall and man-made global warming.

ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries dismisses these claims:

"There is overwhelming evidence from records of heavy daily rainfall and the sun's cycle that forces beyond mankind's control are driving climate change. We hear greens say that climate change is a wake up call to the industrial revolution, when in fact the overwhelming evidence showing that climate change is a natural phenomenon is a wake up call to environmental pressure groups that their credibility is about to enter free-fall."

"No correlation exists linking carbon dioxide levels and rainfall, but links between the sun's output and climate have been established by Dr John Butler at Armagh Observatory (surface temperature and solar activity) and UEA's Climate Research Unit (heavy daily winter rainfall and solar activity). These confirm and extend the findings of international researchers such as Friis-Christensen and Lassen".

"Professor L Kortvelyessy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has recently published data covering solar activity for 400 years. Such a record shows how a prolonged and marked drop in solar activity led to the mini ice age between 1645 and 1715 when the River Thames repeatedly froze over to a depth of 3 metres. Recently solar activity has been increasing, so it's not surprising to find modest warming in the last century, unrelated to mankind's activities."

Charts showing heavy daily winter rainfall within the last three solar cycles, and 400-year records of solar activity, can be seen (and downloaded) at, where the commentary explains how recent increases in the intensity of solar cycles is causing winter rainfall to worsen. If the trend of the last 250 years continues, this will continue until about 2046, with problems similar to those we are experiencing at the winter of 2000/2001 recurring - notably in 11, 22 and 33 years' time.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory adds:

"Those seeking to prop up the global warming industry frequently claim that evidence disproving man-made global warming theory is paid for by the oil industry. Astronomical research unconnected with such funding is therefore all the more powerful. We must also remember that governments fund the majority of climate change research in Europe".

"Then there is the manufactured consensus that mankind really is having an impact on climate change -manufactured because the truth is the direct opposite of this, and manufactured again because it relies on disreputable predictions from inaccurate computer climate models which ignore hard data contradicting the models' findings."

"Perhaps the best way to address this is by repeating a statement from the Oregon Petition, carrying the signatures of over 17000 international scientists including more than 2000 of the world's leading climatologists, meteorologists and planetary /atmospheric scientists:

There is no convincing evidence that human release of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases is causing, or will cause in the future, catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere or disruption of the Earth's climate.

The ABD calls for a sea-change in national policy - an end to the King Canute strategies of 'managing' climate change through extortionate Fuel Duty and the Climate Change Levy; proper preparation by central and local Government for the inevitable impact of continuing natural climate change; and for the public to be told the truth about the origin of global warming and global cooling.

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