London, 24 Dec 2000.
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ABD Condemns Labour Hypocrisy On Fuel
The Association of British Drivers condemns Government hypocrisy.
On Saturday 23 December 2000, in a BBC report, government ministers accused the oil companies of overcharging motorists for petrol at the pumps. They claim that following the recent fall in crude oil prices, the benefit should be passed on immediately to the consumer.

Coming from a government that has demonstrated nothing but hostility to drivers since it was elected and which made no concession whatsoever to exasperated motorists when they demonstrated their anger at high fuel taxes, the ABD presumes that this is shallow electioneering at its worst. Are we to believe that four months before a likely general election the government has undergone a conversion and are now genuinely concerned about the exploitation of motorists?

Tony Vickers, fuel tax campaign co-ordinator for the ABD said,

"This is breathtaking hypocrisy. Whilst we would welcome a further reduction in the cost of petrol by the oil companies, the power to significantly reduce fuel costs lies entirely with the government. Their own accountants have shown that they could cut prices immediately by 8p a litre without affecting the economy. How dare they criticise the oil companies when they themselves are responsible for 75% of fuel costs? Have they no shame at all? This must rank as the most crass comment since Professor David Begg (chief government advisor on transport) said that New Labour wishes to encourage car ownership but discourage car use."
The ABD calls on all dissatisfied drivers to remember that the government has been the chief exploiter of private motorists in the last four years and register their anger at the forthcoming general election where it counts the most. At the ballot box.


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