London, 2 Mar 2001.
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ABD Launches Membership Drive
In the face of unprecedented hostility toward the British motorist, the Association of British Drivers launches an easy subscription membership.
Recent draconian proposals to make criminals out of ordinary, safe drivers have seen the ABD membership grow exponentially. ABD Chairman, Brian Gregory, said
"Ordinary members of the public, along with magistrates and serving police traffic officers have been joining the ABD since the start of the year. The growth in our membership is exponential, and it should come as no surprise that this comes at a time when the motoring public have seen war declared by a fundamentally dishonest government seeking revenue, disguised as road safety, and supported by anti-motorist groups.

Our roads are the safest in the World, yet we have seen plans to ban for a year any driver exceeding an arbitrary limit on our safest roads; the motorways. Efforts should be concentrated in areas where accidents happen, such as in towns and near schools at certain times of the day. It is perfectly safe to travel well in excess of 70 mph on a clear motorway in good conditions. Serving police officers know this and join us in our call for common sense and a rise in the limit to match our European partners at least. I urge all drivers to join us too, as no other organisation will fight for common sense on speed limits.

If you are one of the majority of drivers who regularly exceed arbitrary speed limits in safety, you could be facing a ban within months - call us now!"

Easy membership is available by calling on 07000-781544.

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