London, 11 Apr 2001.
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ABD Condemns Prescott's Folly
John Prescott plans to wreak havoc on the traffic flow around Trafalgar Square by pedestrianizing the northern part of the Square, and turning the four traffic lanes around the rest of the square into two lanes each way.

He talks of making access easier for pedestrians, but with an estimated 75,000 pedestrians using the square daily (over one per second during the day) it can hardly be difficult to access the square on foot.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:

"This is not a pro-pedestrian scheme at all, but yet another anti-car scheme dressed up by political correctness. Trafalgar Square is the centre of London, the point to which all road distances are measured, and a pivotal point in the capital's traffic flow. The congestion that will ensue if this scheme goes ahead will undoubtedly be blamed on drivers, and used to warrant further road closures, which in turn will lead to more congestion, and so on, slowly suffocating London like a boa constrictor."
Tony Vickers, the ABD's London representative commented:
"As with Ken Livingstone's proposed road charging scheme for central London we see again the determination of the authorities to push forward an ill-considered scheme without any practical alternative being offered in it's place. Evidently, in John Prescott's eyes, London's already hard pressed drivers are little more than pests to be driven out of Trafalgar Square along with the pigeons."
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries added:
"John Prescott has clearly not learned his lesson from the much despised M4 bus lane, which William Hague has already promised to scrap. Trafalgar Square already has one famous landmark, now apparently it is to get another - Prescott's Folly."

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