London, 20 Apr 2001.
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Sign of the Times
The RAC's recent survey of road sign recognition is worrying but not surprising,
says the Association of British Drivers.
Believing that a "Toads crossing" warning sign means "French Restaurant Nearby" is certainly funny, but it shows that there is a long way to go to make the UK's roads safer.

"Some of the more liberal interpretations are extremely funny, but there is a serious point to be made." says ABD Road Safety and Traffic Spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie. He continues, "For years drivers have been told that all they have to do to be safe is stick to a speed limit, so they wonder why they should bother to read the highway code when adherence to limits is all that matters."

It is hardly surprising that drivers make little attempt to learn vital, lifesaving information when they are told repeatedly that speed is the cause of most accidents. McArthur-Christie continues "Unfortunately for the 3,600 people killed on the UK's roads each year, safe driving is a highly complex process, needing anticipation, observation and car control skills that are often not taught at the level of the basic Learner test."

Without continuing to develop their driving skills, motorists are at far greater risk of injuring themselves or other, more vulnerable, road users.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said

"This survey sends a powerful message to other road safety groups - broaden your focus away from 'speed kills' and towards life-saving driver training and education. It sends an equally clear message to drivers: go and get yourself trained."

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