London, 9 May 2001.
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Global Warming Stone Cold Dead
With global warming stone cold dead, road tax and fuel prices must fall, says the Association of British Drivers.
Research published earlier this year has killed man-made global warming theory.

The suggestion that man's activities are causing damaging warming to our planet has been in intensive care since a leading climate scientist 1 described Tony Blair's prediction for climate change as "the one that's not going to happen".

Now it has been shown that global warming, as portrayed by politicians, isn't happening.

A recent scientific research paper 2 shows that, instead of causing higher temperatures as the scaremongers claim, higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere actually follow rises in the Earth's surface temperature.

Monnin studied temperature changes from the last ice age to the present day using data from the Greenland ice cores, and found that the start of carbon dioxide increases lagged behind the start of the temperature increases by up to 800 years.

This means that carbon dioxide levels are a result, not a cause, of global temperature changes, so attempts to influence climate through emissions controls are futile.

ABD Environment Spokesman Bernard Abrams comments:

"This is the death blow for man-made global warming theory. As independent scientists had long suspected, we see that hotter temperatures cause increases in carbon dioxide, not the other way round. As a result, global warming lies stone cold dead, with John Prescott's road tax framework and the fuel duty escalator alongside it in the mortuary."

"Under these now discredited policies, private and business car drivers have seen the cost of motoring go through the roof, with further rises in the pipeline. And now, as we can see, for no good environmental reason."

The Association of British Drivers has pointed out previously that another piece of research, by Butler and Johnston (Journal of Atmospheric Solar and Terrestrial Physics, 59, 1225) demonstrates clearly that changes in the output of the Sun are the cause of subsequent climate changes.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory has this to say:

"Gordon Brown might as well tax the Sun for shining, and John Prescott's impression of a carbon dioxide King Canute can be seen for the sham that it is. Climate change is a scientific phenomenon arising naturally, global warming was a political phenemenon designed to excuse crippling taxes on transport and industry. We are pleased to be writing its obituary."
The ABD says: the carbon dioxide car tax scheme must be scrapped, and the 'fuel duty escalator' petrol price hikes, imposed by government to combat non-existent global warming, should be removed immediately.


1 Dr John Christy (NASA / University of Alabama, and IPCC lead author)

2 Monnin et al, Science, vol 291, p 112, 05 January 2001)


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