London, 4 June 2001.
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ABD Calls for Education, Education, Education Policy to be Extended to Drivers
With re-election of the current government a likely proposition, The Association of British Drivers calls on the Labour party to denounce the proposals of John Prescott's DETeR for PUNISHMENT, PUNISHMENT, PUNISHMENT for drivers who are driving at safe speeds for road conditions.

The DETeR's Road Traffic Penalties consultation document proposes BANNING of drivers for travelling at 75.1mph on only two occasions on empty motorways and the same punishments for travelling at 23.1mph in 20mph limits even if this is at 4am with no pedestrians about. It contains little threat of increased penalties for the real killers, those who drive carelessly or dangerously or at excessive speed for the road conditions. The ABD has voiced strong objection to many of the proposals.

The ABD are politically neutral and wish success to any government to be elected. We call for an emphasis to be placed upon proper driver education and training in hazard awareness. We ask for enforcement to be squarely aimed only at those causing danger, to be carried out by increased numbers of trained Police officers. Cameras must only be used at traffic lights and at accident blackspots with a clear record of accidents caused primarily by speed. They must be brightly coloured and clearly visible to slow traffic, not hidden for revenue raising purposes.


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