London, 13 June 2001.
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Drivers Demand Speed Camera Tyrant Surrender His Driving Licence
In an interview on Radio Five on Monday, the architect of the proposed infestation of speed cameras on Britain's roads, Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of North Wales, openly admitted that "Like everybody else, I break the speed limit in my car occasionally".

The Association of British Drivers is of course quite sure that just like the vast majority of the thousands of drivers on the verge of losing their licence, Chief Constable Brunstrom would have been driving at a perfectly safe speed for the road conditions at the time. It is, however, highly hypocritical of him to continue driving when he is responsible for the removal from the roads of so many others for the same offence that he openly admits himself.

Brunstrom went on to say "I do this a touch less often than I used to as I'm becoming ashamed of it".

ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:

"Brunstrom is sub-consciously admitting that he regularly breaks unrealistic speed limits without compromising anyone's safety, but is being slowly brainwashed by the barrage of 'speed kills' propaganda."

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:

"Mr Brunstrom's plans seems somewhat out of kilter with measures announced at the weekend by the Home Secretary, David Blunkett, which will get the police off the backs of Britain's drivers and back to doing the job we pay them for."

The ABD calls for an end to the ridiculous targeting of safe drivers, and for speed limits to be based solely upon road safety requirements, not lowered just to enable speed cameras to catch more victims.

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