London, 4 July 2001.
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Media Banned From Speed Camera Conference
"What have they got to hide?", asks the ABD
In a worrying development on Monday July 2nd the Police decided to ban the Press from their 'Safety Camera Roll Out Conference', to be held at Sedgebrook Hall, Northampton at 11.30 on Wednesday July 4th.

A journalist who writes for two motoring magazines, who had previously been invited, was suddenly told he would not be allowed to attend after all.

ABD Spokesman Russell Eden said

"This is scary - what are the police up to? We know this conference was to plan the 'roll-out' of thousands more profitable speed cameras, but they've either realised just how unpopular those plans are with the public or they're planning something worse than we ever imagined, and they've adopted a 'bunker mentality' and locked themselves away."

The Northamptonshire "Safety Camera" team already have a lot of questions to answer about the way they have conducted their campaign to raise the number of prosecutions from 4,000 to 100,000 a year.

They have claimed a big reduction in fatalities, but closer analysis of Northants road deaths show this reduction to be nothing more than chicanery - deaths in 2000 were the same as the average of the past five years.

Northants also claim that local people have slowed down because the proportion of Northants residents caught has fallen from 80% at the beginning to 20% now. The reality is that enforcement has been moved away from dangerous local roads and onto the safe M1 and A14 in a deliberate move to raise revenue from through traffic that has no political clout in Northants. This is a measure of the fear the perpetrators of this ill-considered scheme have of angering their own population.

Eden added

"Whatever happened to policing by consent? Now we have policing by intimidation, from a police force which operates in secret because they're frightened to let us see what they're doing."


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