London, 15 Sep 2001.
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ABD Welcomes £3M Investment In Children's Road Safety
The Association of British Drivers is delighted to welcome the Government's investment in additional road safety training for children. The group fully supports the campaign, and urges that this pilot scheme is extended to all schools as soon as possible.

It is essential that road safety awareness is instilled from an early age so that it becomes virtually instinctive. This new initiative will ensure that many more children are able to walk and cycle with greater safety and confidence.

Brian Gregory, ABD Chairman said

"This is excellent news. Not only will road safety training benefit young people as they walk and cycle; it will also mean they are far more aware later in life when they come to drive or ride motorcycles. This is likely to be an effective long term investment in road safety and we welcome it wholeheartedly."

The ABD also called on the Government to examine the case for incentivised driver training, as well as driver education campaigns that reflected the complex nature of driving on today's roads.


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