London, 3 Nov 2001.
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Norfolk Claims Blue Cameras Are Green
An argument over the colour of speed cameras in Norfolk shows that the government must step in to prevent local authorities making dangerous decisions on road safety policy.
The Chief Constable of Norfolk, Ken Williams, has publicly condemned Norfolk County Council's decision to go against his advice to paint the county's speed cameras in high visibility yellow or orange stripes.

Instead county councillors have decided to paint their cameras dark blue, after the council's environment staff claimed that dark blue would have less environmental impact that a bright colour scheme.

The decision flies in the face of evidence that high visibility cameras can save lives if sited at speed related blackspots, and serves only to reinforce the growing public opinion that low visibility cameras simply trap motorists for revenue purposes.

ABD Road Safety spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie said

"It's high time the government stepped in to prevent bungling local councillors making decisions on road safety policy, all too often against the advice of expert Police officers who understand all of the issues involved. Throughout the UK, councillors with no driving qualifications and often without even a driving licence have been given the power to set speed limits and dictate camera policy".
The ABD calls upon the government to act immediately with strict guidelines on speed camera siting and colour, and insistence that only qualified personnel are allowed to make important road safety decisions such as the setting of speed limits.


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