London, 4 Dec 2001.
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ABD Welcomes Bright Idea
The Association of British Drivers today welcomed new Government guidelines requiring all speed cameras to be made visible to drivers.
The rules allow six months for cameras to be painted yellow, and ban police forces and local authorities from hiding them behind signs, bridges and trees. They follow an earlier announcement that new cameras would only be permitted at proven accident blackspots.

"We are delighted to see cameras being used for genuine road safety purposes rather than as a means of stealth taxation," said ABD spokesman Ben Lovejoy. "The whole point of speed cameras was supposed to be to slow drivers down at accident blackspots. Grey cameras did this very poorly, and hidden cameras didn't do it at all. Bright Gatsos will."

The ABD has long argued that the cynical use of speed cameras as revenue-generators was alienating drivers and bringing the law into disrepute. "Around a million drivers a year have been zapped by speed cameras, many of them while travelling at a perfectly safe speed on a low-hazard road such as a straight dual-carriageway," said Ben Lovejoy. "We need to see a return to the 'Three Es' of road safety: Education, Engineering and Enforcement. Enforcement of course has a role when education and engineering have failed, but our primary focus needs to be on alerting drivers to hazards, and improving the design of dangerous stretches of roads so that accidents are reduced."

The ABD will be monitoring the introduction of Bright Gatsos, and looks forward to the safer roads this measure will create.


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