London, 30 Jan 2002.
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ABD Gains Support with the Launch of Parliamentary Bill and BRAKE Report
In a report entitled 'Slow Down' BRAKE dismisses as 'weak' the claims of drivers caught out by poor signing of speed limits. 1

They claim that this 'weak' excuse is behind up to 54% of speeding convictions and fines. 1

Amazingly, having written this off as a 'weak' excuse, the report then contradicts this by recommending to the government that they consider:-"reviewing speed limits and improving speed limit signing to give drivers confidence that speed limits are appropriate and make sure that they know the maximum speed they should be driving." 1

The ABD welcomes this support for our recently launched campaign for "Clear Signing"2 and appropriately set limits, even though having concerns about the rest of BRAKE's recommendations.

Dave Hammond, author of the ABD's Clear Signing campaign said

"Put together with the launch of Chris Grayling's bill to remove the ban on speed limit repeaters in 30 zones it is clear that our campaign for Clear Signing is gathering momentum. This support for our campaign is a hopeful sign of sanity from a group that dismisses driver training and education, claiming in their 'Pledge to Drive Safely' that to Wise Up is to Slow Down3, and whose chief executive claims that "If we all stuck to speed limits on roads in perfect conditions" the roads would be safer1, backing the idea with support for speed limiters. We believe that to 'Wise Up' is to be trained in safe driving techniques, and able to recognise when circumstances make the limit too high.

Clear signing of limits will enable drivers to know the legal speed they can travel at, and so avoid speeding convictions. Then they need to learn the more important task - identifying the constantly varying safe speed, something no limiter can do.


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3. BRAKE - The Pledge To Drive Safely. Wise Up - if it's night bright or bad weather, go slower


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