London, 26 Feb 2002.
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Association of British Drivers Seeks Answers on Asthma
With the recent publication of research findings 'proving' that traffic pollution causes asthma, the ABD asks:
Bernard Abrams, ABD Environment Spokesman, comments
"There is much talk of 'proof' in the latest sensationalist headlines regarding asthma incidence and traffic emissions, yet every scientist knows that finding a link between two factors is not proof of cause and effect. In the latest case there are many other factors at work that have not been eliminated satisfactorily."

"Like many fellow asthma sufferers I find my symptoms are far worse in the countryside than in towns, making the latest reports even less convincing."

The ABD says: A cynic might think that these types of headline are another example of government inspired media management, at a time when there are strong hints that indirect taxes are about to rise.
Is the motoring public being softened up for another bout of car bashing, due more to political correctness and fiscal expediency than concern for health? Otherwise why is the focus so heavily on cleaner outdoor air when indoor pollution levels are so much higher?
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