London, 2 Apr 2002.
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Bypasses Can 'Protect The Environment'
Following news of the Highways Agency's ten year biodiversity action plan, which aims to support and encourage wildlife and which was welcomed by the ABD, a three year study by the University of Surrey on the environmental impact of the Newbury Bypass has shown that it has actually protected the environment.

Bernard Abrams, ABD Environment Spokesman, commented:

"The ABD welcomed the Biodiversity Action Plan from the Highways Agency, and now notes with interest this latest research on the impact of the Newbury Bypass on the environment. Far from being the eco-disaster claimed by anti-car groups, this kind of road building has proved to be beneficial for all concerned - journey times have been shortened, residents have seen reductions in through traffic, and now wildlife is prospering as well.

"Given the enormous amount of revenue from motoring taxation (currently in excess of £35 billion annually, of which only a small fraction is spent on transport projects) there is no excuse not to approve all outstanding bypass proposals. With these proven strategies in place, those who object to road building on environmental grounds will have great difficulty justifying their position from now on."


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