London, 24 Apr 2002.
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'Biased' Chairman Of Climate Panel Ousted
Hope For Beleaguered Uk Drivers Boosted
The Association of British Drivers notes with interest and optimism the news that the Chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Robert Watson, has been ousted by a vote of 75 nations to 49.

Environmental activists are blaming the Bush administration, as expected, but the voting margin shows that discontent with Watson ranges far wider, and most commentators agree that he orchestrated his own demise.

Watson's outspoken advocacy of the environmentalist agenda was at odds with the views of thousands of independent scientists worldwide, and equally at odds with the evidence available from satellites and balloon measurements showing the true extent of climate change. Observers point out that such clouded objectivity led to IPCC reports designed not to reflect the true consensus but to ram home man-made global warming orthodoxy for political reasons.

ABD Environment Spokesman, Bernard Abrams, commented:

"This is good news for the planet, and its much-maligned inhabitants. Both scientists and observers have realised for some time that natural human concern for the environment was being abused for purely political ends. This has now been confirmed with Watson's welcome demise.

The ABD calls on political leaders in the UK and Europe to take stock of the real evidence on climate change and its true causes, and review as a matter of extreme urgency policies such as our own extortionate level of fuel duty and CO2 based 'road tax' scheme, as well as the climate change levy hitting businesses."


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