London, 24 Jun 2002.
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Call Us For Permission To Drive, Says Council
Edinburgh City Council is proposing a scheme where drivers would have to phone the council for permission to drive into the Scottish capital!
The hare-brained scheme would be enforced by cameras reading number plates and issuing fines to drivers who have not got the OK from the council. As anyone who has ever tried to phone a council will know, this would reduce traffic volumes to nil since nobody would ever get past the switchboard.

To supplement the plan, the ABD has some further suggestions for schemes Edinburgh Council may wish to consider:

"The truly astonishing thing about this kind of crackpot scheme is that we all pay council taxes to employ these people," said ABD spokesman Ben Lovejoy. "When most councils can't even mend broken street lights and fill in potholes, it is both tragic as well as comic that public time and money are wasted on this kind of nonsense. What we need from councils is less social engineering and more road engineering."


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