London, 9 July 2002.
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"Sensible" EU Motor Insurance Proposals To Be Extended?
The Association of British Drivers has been informed of possible additions to EU plans that would make car drivers liable for accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, even where the cyclist or pedestrian was at fault and caused the accident.

Known in principle as "no fault liability", this approach could now be extended. Relaxed discussions between the ABD and the pressure group Total Honesty In Compensation Claims (THICC) revealed that a number of relevant scenarios were being examined with a view to inclusion in the proposed scheme.

THICC Spokesperson Jack Potpayout said: "We have put forward our 'lucky seven' proposal containing possibilities for extending this scheme in the UK that the EU may have missed:

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory had this to say:
"This is the kind of sensible, logical, fair-minded policy making we have come to expect from the EU on motoring matters. We're sure all drivers will welcome these proposals with open arms."

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