London, 24 July 2002.
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ABD Supports Calls For M25 Widening
Widening of the M25 to at least 4 lanes throughout, supported by the RAC Foundation and ABD is long overdue and should commence at the earliest opportunity, however in the meantime the government urgently needs to introduce an education campaign to ensure drivers make the best use of all currently available lanes.

ABD Road Safety spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie said:

"More lanes are definitely needed but all too often one observes drivers cruising in the outer lanes when the inner lanes are empty or pottering onto fast moving motorways far too slowly. These habits cause much congestion, wasted space and danger but as ever, the government shows no interest in telling drivers how to use motorways safely and efficiently, indeed the endless repetition of the 'Speed Kills' message my well have encouraged such dangerous practices."

The Association has recently added a motorway driving page to its list of safe driving tips on its website. Click here

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:

"Britains motorists have paid time and again for a proper road system, unfortunately early hints from the new Transport Minister Alistair Darling indicate little interest in spending any of the billions raised in motoring taxes on building the roads we desperately need or improving road user education. Instead his first priorities appear to be looking at ways to penalise drivers even further with 'spy in the sky' technology."


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