London, 23 Aug 2002.
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Drivers Welcome A66 Improvements
The ABD has welcomed the government's announcement to upgrade the A66 between Scotch Corner and Penrith to dual carriageway.
The A66 is a trunk route across the Pennines that links the A1 and M6. It is a primary link for traffic travelling between Eastern England and Western Scotland. As such it carries a large volume of traffic, including many HGVs.
Much of the route follows a Roman road, and although there are many straight sections, the rolling countryside can make overtaking dangerous. There are some existing sections of dual carriageway, but most of the route is still single carriageway.
ABD Environment spokesman Bernard Abrams said:
"With the right measures in place, there need be no concerns about the impact of the improved road on the environment. A three year study by the University of Surrey on the environmental impact of the Newbury Bypass has shown that it has actually protected the environment."
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"As a frequent user of this road I am delighted at the news of this £141 million safety improvement. It is long overdue."

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